Can you check in online for Flair Airlines?

Flair Airlines always advises passengers to prefer an online check-in, besides the Airport counter check-in provision. You get several options to check in online for your scheduled flight. For Flair check-in, you can try the following ones:

  • Web check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Airport check-in.

Now let us discuss the online check-in modes describing the benefits of each:

Web check-in: it's an online way to check in for your scheduled flight from a mobile device or a laptop with internet service. You can complete your check-in procedure from your home or office 24 hours before you reach the airport for the scheduled flight. Follow the steps below to do an online check-in:

  • Head to the official website of Flair Airlines
  • Click on travel info on the home page
  • Choose the check-in option from the list on the screen
  • Click on the check-in tab
  • Enter your reservation number and last name
  • Click on find my trip 
  • Follow the check-in procedure 
  • Get an SMS and email on completion of the check-in.

Mobile check-in: if you are on the way to the Airport and need to save some time for the further process of collecting the boarding pass and security check, you can do check-in  for the scheduled flight from your mobile by downloading the Flair app and do the steps:

  • Go to the Flair airline app
  • Log into your account
  • Enter your flight number, origin, and destination
  • Enter your reservation number, last name,
  • Click on check-in 
  • Get a confirmation by SMS and email after the process is complete.

Benefits of online check-in:

  • You can print the boarding pass of your scheduled flight sent to you by Flair airlines through SMS or email. 
  • You can select your preferred seat on the scheduled flight and check in your baggage while doing an online check-in.
  • Online check-in is free on Flair airlines, while you have to pay for airport check-in on Flair airlines.
  • You don't have to stand and wait in a long queue for check-in on a Flair airlines flight if you do an online check-in.
  • You can drop off the checked baggage with appropriate tags with your name and contact number and directly go for the security check to board the flight.

Besides the Flair check-in online, you can try the following ways to check in for a Flair airline flight:

Kiosk check-in: if you have reached the Airport but have a long check-in queue, you can find a Flair airlines kiosk and complete your check-in formalities from the kiosk. When you are at the kiosk, do the following:

  • Tap on the screen to select the check-in icon
  • Enter your travel details of flights number, destination
  • Enter your reservation number, last name, contact number
  • Click on the check-in icon.
  • After the check-in process completes, you can proceed further to a print copy of the boarding pass for the scheduled flight.
  • You can also select your preferred seat while processing a kiosk check-in.

Airport check-in: lastly, you can go to any Flair airlines counter and do the check-in as per the airlines' rules. You must reach the airport at least 4 hours before the scheduled flight for the check-in process with Flair check-in baggage may take time as you will have to wait in line for your turn, and you will have to pay an additional cost for airport check-in of Flair Airlines.

Does Flair charge to check-in?

Yes, Flair does charge an amount of $25 if you complete the check-in formalities at the airport and not online, which is free of cost. This is why the Airline suggests its passengers complete the check-in procedure online through the Flair airline app or from the official website 24 hours before the scheduled flight for a hassle-free time at the airport before you board your Flair airlines scheduled flight.

Does Flair weigh your carry-on?

Yes, Flair Airlines does weigh the carry-on baggage, and if it exceeds the permissible baggage limit, you will have to pay the price for the Flair check-in baggage fee for excess baggage. The rules applicable for carry-on baggage are as follows:

  • The maximum limit for carry-on baggage should not exceed 7kgs or 15.5lbs
  • Your carry-on baggage dimensions should be of the measurement that can fit in the overhead bin or below your seat.
  • If you are carrying any excess baggage as a carry-on, you will have to pay a Flair extra carry-on baggage fee:

                   Online:$29 - $54 with taxes

                   Airport: $59-$64 with taxes

What size is a carry-on luggage for Flair Air?

Flair Airlines has precisely explained the allowance limits of the baggage per passenger flying the airline. Read the information below to know the specific weight and measurements, along with the excess baggage fee, of the checked and carry-on baggage:

Carry-on baggage:

  • Flair Airlines permits every passenger to carry one personal item, like a purse, laptop bag, tote bag, small backpack, or mini briefcase, which can be stored on the overhead counter or under the passenger's seat.
  • The maximum weight of the personal item or bag should not exceed 7kgs (15lbs) in weight, 15cm*33cm*43cm in dimension.
  • If the carry-on baggage exceeds the permissible limit, you will be liable to pay an extra baggage fee, which can come up to

            Online check-in baggage:$29 - $54 with taxes

            Airport check-in baggage: $59-$64 with taxes

You must not carry any restricted item in your carry-on baggage of Flair airlines.

Checked-in baggage:

The passengers are encouraged to Flair check-in baggage while doing the online check-in for the scheduled flight as the baggage check-in can consume a lot of time at the airport along with airport check-in fees. The following conditions should be considered if you’re flying with Flair airlines:

  • The baggage check-in stops 60 minutes before the departure of the scheduled flight to Canada 
  • 75 minutes before a flight departure to the United States of America.
  • All the checked-in baggage should be properly tagged with the passenger’s name and contact number.
  • You will have to pay extra baggage fees ranging from $44 - $84 for every piece of checked-in baggage.
  • You will have to pay $99 for overweight and oversized baggage. 
  • No restricted or harmful items will be allowed to be carried in checked-in baggage of Flair Airlines.

For more information on the check-in procedures, Flair check-in time, and other baggage issues, please check the official website of Flair Airlines or reach out the customer service for assistance.

Official website:

Regarding check-in visit:

Regarding baggage allowance & fees visit:

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