How do I contact KLM customer service?

KLM is the air carrier of the Netherlands. Its headquarter is located in Amstelveen, and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the hub for scheduling KLM flights. They have flights flying to various destinations and provide a customer service team to the passengers if they face any issues. KLM customer service USA can answer passengers' queries they require to fly and give correct information.

Do you know what issues can be resolved by the customer service of KLM? The followings are the issues or reasons for which you can reach out to a KLM representative:

  • Making a new reservation.
  • Canceling your flight ticket.
  • Reschedule or rebook a KLM flight.
  • For the refund request.
  • For filing complaints.
  • Lost and found claims.
  • Seat upgrade or seat selection.
  • Queries related to flights or services.

How do I speak to a live person at KLM? 

There are a number of options to contact KLM customer service to sort out any issue you face during or before boarding the flight. A live person is available and entitled to provide you with the information you ask for whether you have a booking or not. The contact ways to speak with a live person are:

How do I talk to KLM customer service?

A person can get the answers to the queries by asking an official on the call. They can make a call to customer service by following the steps:

  • Dial the KLM phone number 1800-618-0104
  • Select your preferred language for better assistance by pressing 1,
  • Continue with the default language by pressing 2,
  • Now you will hear the IVR Menu, which is as follows:
    • Make a KLM flight reservation by pressing 1,
    • Cancel a KLM reservation by pressing 2,
    • Reschedule a KLM flight by pressing 3,
    • Inquire about your queries from the official by pressing *,
  • Then your call will be directed to an available KLM person,
  • Put your questions to the person for a solution on call.

How do I chat with KLM?

If you want live assistance, then it is also available at KLM to contact the customer service team. You will find an official online who will answer your queries on the chat without any wait. You can talk with an official following the given instructions:

  • Head to the site of KLM on your browser,
  • Click the "Information" tab,
  • Then select the "All Contact Us" option on the appeared page,
  • Hit the chat icon to connect with a KLM person,
  • Now, ask the queries by typing and attain the information.

How do I email KLM?

You can ask for the information you may need to travel with KLM via email. The customer service team also provides support through email by sharing the information their customers need. So if you want to know something about a flight or the special assistance or any policies, you can send an email mentioning the question along with contact info and send it to You will receive a reply with information from the concerned person at least 24 hours before sending the email. 

Via Social Media

Social Media platforms are another effective way to contact customer service at KLM. You can talk with a live person here and obtain the answer to your questions. KLM's social media messaging option is available for customers to send their questions and ask for official help. A live person will quickly get back to you for your help. The steps to reach their social media account are as follows:

  • Go to the official KLM page,
  • Open the Contact options on the website,
  • Use the provided links of social media sites of KLM,
  • Then log in on the page to message the official for your help.

Via Contact Form

In some cases, customers are not able to receive the assistance they need at the KLM customer service number. In this case, they can send queries to customer service through a contact form, and an official will try to reach you soon to solve the query. The contact form is a way to communicate with an official when you fail to obtain the answers to different mediums; then, it will help you to get human assistance. Follow the steps to submit the contact form at KLM:

  • Open the KLM page on your desktop or mobile,
  • Click the "All Contact Options" on the "Information" page,
  • Now, hit the contact form button,
  • Fill it with the necessary information like contact number and query,
  • Then submit it to KLM for getting the help of an official.

Does KLM have WhatsApp? 

Yes, KLM has WhatsApp, and you can message them to avail an answer to your query. The assistance on WhatsApp is provided in multiple languages. You can talk with the official in the language you prefer. You can message KLM by selecting the WhatsApp icon on the social media contact ways page.

You can also save the KLM WhatsApp number: +3120-6490-787 on your phone and text them with your queries.

How long does it take for KLM to respond on WhatsApp?

KLM takes 1 hour to respond to the customer's queries on WhatsApp. After getting a reply from a representative, you can continue to talk with the person till your question is resolved—the KLM customer service 24/7 is available on WhatsApp. So you can anytime speak with the representative and obtain the solution. 

What are the customer service hours of KLM?

If you want to take the assistance of KLM customer service and wondering what is KLM customer service hours, below the timings of different mediums are mentioned:

  • Calling assistance is available Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm ET.
  • Customer service on the live chat and social media platforms is accessible 24 hours a week.
  • Email is also available throughout the day, but it takes a maximum of 48 hours on working days to reply.
  • The contact form can be sent at any time of the day. However, an official will contact you between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Hence, if you require assistance from a person at KLM, you are aware of when and where to contact the customer service team. The KLM representative can answer flight-related questions, and you will get full support from a live person whenever you need it. Earlier all the ways to contact KLM are mentioned; you can follow the process to reach out to them as per your situation.

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