How Can I Get in Touch with Aeromexico?

Aeromexico is a Mexico-based airline that schedules flights to 90 destinations. You can fly with Aeromexico very comfortably, and with the help of their service team, you can make your journey smooth. The airlines understand that the passengers might have doubts about reserving a flight ticket with them or boarding the reserved flight, so they have introduced the support team to several platforms. If you want to learn about the platforms that can help you get in touch with a person at Aeromexico further, you will learn about the same.

List of the Platforms that are helpful in contacting Aeromexico:

  • Phone Call
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Social Media Sites

How to get in touch with Aeromexico using the phone call platform?

Presuming that you want to get in touch with an executive at Aeromexico using the phone call platform, you must navigate to the contact number directly on the official site. Calling the number will help you to get in touch with the executive and allows you to have a direct conversation with the executive. You may follow the given steps to join the call:

  • Start with dialing the Aeromexico customer service number + 1 (800) 237-6639,
  • Then give attention to the IVR process rolled on the call,
  • Press the key 1 to receive a flight update,
  • Press the key 2 for an Aeromexico flight status,
  • Press the key 3 to reserve a seat with Aeromexico,
  • Press the key 4 to manage your seat reservation with Aeromexico,
  • Press the key # for forwarding the call to an Aeromexico executive to get live assistance.
  • Following the same, the call will be forwarded to the support team,
  • And then, you can ask questions to receive support.

What is the process of contacting Aeromexico on the live chat?

If you cannot connect to customer service on the calling platform by Aeromexico phone number, you must want to switch to live chat for human assistance. People use the live chat to receive quick info from an executive and resolve their queries. Here are the instructions mentioned that you must adhere to for the live chat:

  • Open the Aeromexico site on your device,
  • Go to the bottom of the page,
  • There, you will see the chat icon,
  • Clicking it will lead to the required page,
  • Now put the account credentials on the page to log in,
  • And after that, you will able to send the queries in the chat,
  • And the executive who joined your chat will share the responses.

Where to deliver the queries for contacting Aeromexico?

If you are considering contacting Aeromexico customer service email, then the email address you must use is In the contacting email, you must mention your name, contact number, detailed info of your query, and the booking reference if the query concerns your existing booking with Aeromexico. The reply to the email can be expected within 48 hours of sending.

How to join the social media channel of Aeromexico for assistance?

Aeromexico provides assistance on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. You can opt for the medium of your choice for receiving human assistance. Here is the instruction on what you need to do to join the social media site to ask questions:

  • Land on the Aeromexico website homepage,
  • Scroll to the bottom,
  • Then tap a preferred social media site,
  • The social media page will open on the screen within seconds,
  • Now you have to send your questions in a direct message,
  • And wait for the reply of an executive that you will receive pretty soon,
  • And will be able to continue your conversation for support.

When should I contact Aeromexico Customer Service?

You should contact customer service when you need assistance in respect of the customer service hours, as Aeromexico 24-hour customer service is available to support you anytime. Choose your preferred platform per your need and get through to the support team.

What services does Aeromexico customer service provide?

There are multiple services and help that a person at customer service provides to people at Aeromexico, and those are listed here for your concern:

  • The Reservation help and guidance are provided by the officials present at Aeromexico customer service.
  • The cancellation and change of a reservation can also be requested from a person by getting in touch with an executive.
  • A passenger may ask to add assistance to their reservation, such as mobility assistance or unaccompanied minor.
  • Request for a preferable seat for more comfort.
  • If a flight cancels or delays, then the alternate options information can be obtained by contacting a person at customer service.
  • The help regarding a passport and visa to fly internationally.
  • General help regarding an issue a traveler faces during their journey.

Final Words

The passengers needing assistance from customer service now must be aware of the services an official can provide and the different contact platforms. You must pick a platform at your convenience, contact them between Aeromexico customer service hours, and receive the needed information. Get in touch with the executive on a platform you like and clarify your doubts.

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