How can I get a hold of Air NZ?

So you are thinking of flying with Air NZ now and are wondering if there is a way that you can put Air New Zealand on hold if you make such a choice, then you can make a decision as per your choice, and you can also cancel at the last moment and suppose you want to go with them then you can pay money to the Air NZ and get your booking complete it is advantageous as you won't need to worry about cancelation process of the ticket as you have to pay at last if you are not going to travel you can simply convey this to them, and they won't charge anything extra from you.

Way to hold a ticket at Air NZ

Using phone

If you want to make a hold of your ticket, then firstly you have to purchase your seat, and then you can tell customer support that you want Air NZ to hold a ticket for that you can call on 00 64 9 357 3000 and then tell them that you want to make a reservation and put that on hold after it you can decide to travel with them or not if you for the ticket or else you have to tell them that you are not going.

Using website

Suppose you want to hold your flight for that; you can make sure that you complete your reservation, and then you can click on hold my ticket, and your flight ticket is now held if you8 want to use this, then follow the steps.

  • Go to the website of Air NZ
  • Now click on a booking
  • You have to now search according after selecting your trip type, departure and arrival place, and timings.
  • You can see all the timings now. Click on one
  • And provide your information on the payment page; you can click on hold booking.

You now receive a notification in your email regarding the hold of a ticket.

How long is the hold on air NZ? 

You can hold your itinerary for the same price for three days, which means that you can hold your flight for three days; there are Air NZ hold times you can cancel your ticket, or you can make payment for your flight within this period, and after that, you have reserved a seat if you cancel then you can simply leave that, and it gets canceled without paying any additional cost.

Policy of hold

You have to know that if you want to hold your ticket, then you can make that possible for the selected tickets only, and if your flight is 21 days prior to the departure, then only you can take hold of a ticket.

After you have paid hold fees, you have up to 3 days within which you can either cancel your ticket or pay for your ticket and confirm your booking with the airline.

Hold cost for Air NZ.

The cost for hold for a domestic flight which means for New Zealand is $10; for international Air NZ hold fare is $25 and $35 as per the itinerary; you can check this on the website also.

After reading this article, you got to know about the process using which you can make a ticket purchasing and hold your flight; after you follow the process, you can put your ticket on hold after paying some cost to the airlines, and if you want to travel, then you can pay the fees, and then you get your reservation complete, and if you choose not going, then you can make cancelation also, and if you are unsure of your travel plan, then you can use it.

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