Can I change my name in Indigo?

Passengers who have reservations with Indigo Airlines and want to edit a booking or name change are eligible to make changes. You can change the name in your booked tickets through indigo name correction online or call Indigo Customer Service Agent. Indigo Airlines have a few Terms and Conditions under which passengers can change their name. It follows a name change policy the customer keeps in mind while booking Flight Tickets with Indigo Airlines.

Indigo Name Change Policy: Terms and Conditions

Indigo airlines have a few terms and conditions for the name change. Customers who want to book Flight Tickets with Indigo must read the indigo name change policy so that it will provide ease to passengers who wish to update changes. Please go through the points which are mentioned below:

  • Passengers cannot change names if they have confirmed tickets; if you have established keys, you must cancel it first and proceed with the new booking.
  • Customers whose PNR needs to be confirmed can make necessary ticket changes.
  • If you have a confirmed reservation, customers can call the indigo customer service center and ask them to make the changes.
  • You can only change minor name spelling; if a customer wants to change the complete name, you cannot transfer your ticket to another traveler.
  • If you have any medical reason or valid reason to transfer to another person, you can contact customer service, and they can make the update in some cases only.

Methods to use for Change Process:

Online Name Change process at Indigo:

Travelers with reservations want to change their names due to misspelling their words. You can do that online as well as directly call customer service agents. In the process of changing the word through the online portal, you need to follow significant steps, which are mentioned here:

  • Please visit the official website of the indigo Airline
  • Click on ‘Manage Bookings’ and select ‘Edit Booking.’
  • Complete the information such as PNR number or ticket number, Email, and Last name mentioned on the itinerary to update the changes.
  • Change the name mentioned on the itinerary to show you the eligibility.
  • If your ticket is qualified, you can proceed further for more formalities.
  • Passengers will receive the updated ticket via Email.

Offline Name Change Process at Indigo:

A passenger who has confirmed the booking still wants to change the reservation. You can directly contact customer service regarding indigo name change requests and make the updated changes. To get connected with a Customer service agent passenger needs to follow a few basic steps, which are mentioned below:

  • Dial the customer service number 0124-435-2500 to speak with the representative.
  • Customers must follow a small IVR process to connect with the customer service agent and select the required option.
  • You have to wait 2-3 minutes; once the call gets connected, share the required information, such as the PNR number or Ticket number and the last name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • Customer Service representatives will check the ticket eligibility and update you on the further process.
  • You will receive the updated ticket on the valid email address.


Customers can choose an online process or offline method according to their preference for name change at Indigo Airlines. For confirmed reservations, you must call Indigo Airlines Customer Service, or if your PNR still needs to be documented, better to change your name through an online portal.

Indigo Name Changes Fee:

Indigo Airlines must charge a fee for reservation changes such as a name change, destination, or flight cancellation. It imposes applicable penalties for name changes in existing reservations, and you have to pay indigo name change charges for essential changes. A few conditions are mentioned here under which the customer needs to pay.

  • Passengers who want to change four days of Scheduled Departure flights may have to pay 2750 INR for Domestic Flights.
  • If you want to make changes three days before the Scheduled Departure Flight, you may have to pay 3250 INR for the updated changes.
  • Customers should pay name change fees, and the difference, if any, will get a refund of the difference if the original ticket is cheaper than the new one.
  • Passengers traveling internationally and wanting to change their name must pay around 2750 INR four days above the Scheduled Flight.
  • International Passengers who want to update changes three days before Scheduled Departure Flight may pay around 3250 INR.
  • International Passengers who want to change their name have to pay penalties depending on the route, Flight, and destination they chose.
  • To learn more about Change and Cancelation Fees for Domestic and International Flight, Click here:

Travelers who want to update changes in existing reservations must go through all terms and conditions and change the Policy of Indigo Airlines so that they do not face any complications or inconveniences on the day of the scheduled Flight.

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    Mitrabhanu Sat, 22 Jul 2023 05:52:02
    My ticket is wrongly printed as Mrs. Yotirmayee Swain to Mrs. Jyotirmayee Swain ) My PNR number is K1N5FH6E-6912 dated 18th SeptemberRequest to make necessary changesname plz (Mrs. Yotirmayee Swain to Mrs. Jyotirmayee Swain )
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    Sarita Kumari Singh Wed, 04 Oct 2023 07:22:57
    i want to change name, please help me on same.
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    LOKRAKPAM SURAJKUMAR MEETEI Mon, 06 May 2024 08:41:42
    Sir my full name in I'd is Loukrakpam Surajkumar MEETEI, can I booked/travel a seat in short name as LS MEETEI

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