Does Volotea allow checked baggage?

The airline allows up to 5 pieces of luggage carrying around 50 kg. The Volotea check-in baggage price depends on the destination and fare. Passengers can buy the extra space two and a half hours before the flight. You can save the cost by purchasing additional space before reaching the airport.

Volotea permits to carry sports equipment like surfboards or snowboards, windsurf boards, gift bags, bicycles, and musical instruments as Special Baggage. But the limit is restricted up to 32 per item.

How strict is Volotea with baggage?

More space can be bought during check-in or via managing your booking apart from at the airport. Add luggage up to 10 kg, 20 kg, and 25 kg per suitcase. Check the rates shared below:

  • Extra space 10 & 20 Kg: you need to pay $ 10 when buying the space online. Passengers need to pay $ 30 to include baggage space at check-in. Purchasing a space at the airport may cost up to $ 55.
  • Extra baggage up to 25 Kg: Passengers would be charged around $ 25 when buying the space online. At the time of check-in, it can cost you around $ 30. However, consider paying approximately $ 55 if you need to buy the space at the airport before boarding the flight.
  • When limits are exceeded: travelers can carry 32 kg after paying an extra $12 for 1 kg.

Flyers can’t transfer items that can be dangerous for the safety and security of the passengers. Check the prohibited items list at Volotea check-in baggage:

  • Firearms
  • Compressed gases
  • Radioactive material
  • Blunt instruments
  • Tools
  • Sharp objects
  • Chemical or toxic substances
  • Liquids (with exceptions)

How many bags does Volotea allow?

Each flyer can board the flight with up to 50 kg of luggage that can be shared with a maximum of 5 bags. Hence, a bag can check in with a weight limit of around 20 kg or 25 kg, which can be extended up to 32 kg as additional weight costs. Still, you can’t transport more than 50 kg.

How to add extra space before check-in?

If you want to buy the additional space before check-in, follow the guide shared below:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • Select the Your Booking option.
  • Choose the add luggage choice.
  • Select the add check-in bags.
  • Enter the booking number and email address.
  • Select the Enter your booking details button.
  • Choose the appropriate baggage option based on your requirement.
  • Click on the submit button.

If you want to add Volotea baggage check-in time, select the option to include luggage before printing the boarding pass. Passengers can dial the contact number to speak with a live representative to discuss their queries.

What size luggage is allowed on Volotea 10kg?

The basic baggage allowance for the fare is shared below:

  • Standard: only one small bag
  • Megavolotea: a personal bag with a 10 kg bag in the cabin, but it depends on the availability of the space in the flight.
  • Megavolotea Plus: one personal bag with a 10 kg bag in the cabin.

Baggage without priority boarding: Travelers with hand luggage without priority boarding can carry a small bag in the cabin. The dimension of the small bag should be at most 40X 30X 20 cm; else, it would not fit under the seat.

Baggage with priority boarding: the small bag is permitted with a Volotea check-in baggage size maximum dimension of 40X 30X 20 cm to fit in the front seat easily. Measurement for your cabin bag is 55 (height) x 40 (width) x 20 (depth) cm that can fit in the overhead compartment. This can be check-in free at the check-in counter.

Is Volotea strict with hand luggage?

Volotea Airlines follows Volotea hand luggage size rules without any compromises. The ticket rates include a small bag on board without any charges. If opted for priority boarding, you can carry a second-hand bag. But the size should not be more than 10 kg.

Passengers must add the 2 pieces of hand luggage to their booking to carry their cabin bag on board or check it for free. Note that you need to pay the penalty fee per bag if you check-in your hand baggage at the boarding gate or when the size is not as per the baggage guidelines shared by the airline.

How can I add baggage to my Volotea reservation?

Passengers can buy the space at the time of buying tickets. You can also apply later via Manage Your Booking or during check-in. Apart from these, luggage space can be purchased at the airport but will be costly. So it is best to buy the space in advance according to your requirement.

Are there fees for sports equipment on Volotea?

Flyers can carry musical instruments and sports equipment. However, it should be within the weight and size limit as suggested by the airline. This equipment can be skis, golf bags, and fishing equipment.

Follow the airline on Twitter to get the latest news related to your flight. Dial the Volotea contact number (+39) 0694 502 850. The helpline is accessible throughout the day. Visit the website for more information.

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