Does Scoot allow name changes?

Sometimes while booking tickets for a flight, you can, by mistake, enter a couple of wrong letters to your name, and the reservations get confirmed on the wrong name. Having the correct name on your booked ticket is a mandatory requirement for your travel.

If you have booked a Scoot Airline ticket and inadvertently entered the wrong letters, you can refer to the scoot name correction procedure, which is very convenient and user-friendly:

Scoot Name Change Policy:

  • If the name is changed within 24 hours of booking the ticket, you can do the correction free of cost.
  • If the change is made after 24 hours of booking your ticket, you may have to pay a name change fee specified by Scoot Airlines for the same purpose.
  • The passenger's name on the ticket should be the same as their government-approved identity card, like voter card, pan card, driver's license, etc.
  • If the name of the passenger does not match the government approved documents, they can be refused for boarding.
  • According to Scoot Airlines name change policy, only correction up to two or three letters in the first, middle, and last name is permitted.
  • As per the name change policy, a ticket with the wrong name of the passenger cannot be transferred to any other person.
  •  The traveler may need to book a new ticket with the correct spelling and cancel the ticket with the wrong name. They have to pay the difference in the fare of the new booking.

How to change the passenger name on Scoot airlines?

To change your wrong name on the booked ticket, you may try the following ways:

Online: After booking your ticket, if you find out the name on the ticket is incorrect, you can change it immediately according to the scoot name change policy through an online process. Do the following to rectify the incorrect name :

  • Go to the official website of Scoot Airlines.
  • Click on ‘your booking.’ which appears on the home page
  • Select the manage booking
  • Enter your last name and booking reference, email address
  • Select the edit 
  • Select the name change option from the menu icon
  • Enter the correct letters of your name, which shall not go beyond more than three characters.
  • Attach a government-approved identity proof
  • Pay the required name change charges
  • Click on the submit button

You will receive a verification from the airline with the updated corrections on the new ticket.

Through Calling:  You can change your wrong name on a ticket of Scoot Airline by calling on the customer service number given on the official website of the Airline. You can request the customer service person for assistance on the scoot name change procedure if you call on the customer service number given on the official website; after listening to the IVR instructions, either choose the concerned key for a name change or alternatively speak to a person for assistance on the name change process. It will give you immediate confirmation of the accomplishment of the name change issue.

Scoot name change fee:

If you want to edit a wrong name on a booked ticket on Scoot Airlines, you may have to pay AUD 60 -AUD 100 as a name change fee depending on the fare and destination of the booked ticket with the wrong name.

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