How many bags can I take on SAS?

Suppose you have booked a ticket with SAS Airline for your journey. You might bring luggage with you on the airline. If yes, questions may be raised in your head, like sas airlines baggage allowance to the passengers. The passengers can bring bags on the airline to a limit. If they cross the limit decided by the airline, they will have to pay a fee for the extra bags. To know the number of bags that one is allowed to take with them on the airline, read the points below:

Carry-on Allowance: The passengers can take one bag and one personal item with them on SAS Airline. These personal items can, purses, or laptops must fit under the seat or in the bin overhead.

Checked bag Allowance: The passengers who are traveling with SAS Airlines. Depending on their purchased ticket type, they can bring the bags for free. There are three ticket types, and the bag allowance differs for all. For detailed information, read the points below:

  • SAS Go- Travelers who have bought this ticket type can take only one free checked bag and must not cross the dimension of 62 inches in length+width+height.
  • SAS Plus- If someone has bought this ticket, the airline allows them to take two checked bags on the airline for free up to a dimension of 158 cm in length+width+height.
  • SAS Business- One gets extra benefits with this ticket. They can take a maximum of 3 bags for free with a combined dimension in length+width+height of 158 cm.

How many kg is SAS hand luggage?

The passengers who are flying with SAS Airlines and bringing bags with them for their travel. They are advised to check the weight limit they can carry on the airline. If they violate the weight limit, they are supposed to pay for the extra weight on their bag. Otherwise, the airline will stop them from taking the bags on the airline. The passengers who are coming to board the flight and bringing a handbag or personal item with them. They must contain the bah as per the SAS Airlines baggage size for the carry-on luggage. They can bring up to 8 kg as personal items and hand luggage.

Is SAS strict with hand luggage?

SAS is very honest with its policies. If a passenger travels with them, they must follow their terms and conditions. If you are bringing the bags on the airline, you have to do it as per the sas airlines baggage rules, or they may charge you extra or deny the boarding to the passengers. One can take only one bag of up to 8 kg or one personal item as hand luggage.

Does SAS have free baggage?

Suppose you are flying with SAS Airlines and taking bags on the airline. You can bring the free bags as per the sas airlines carry-on baggage policy for the passengers. Every passenger can take one personal item and a handbag for free. However, for the checked bags, the guidelines are a little different. Here, it depends on the type of ticket you bought during reservation. You can review the points mentioned below for a better understanding:

  • SAS Go is a ticket type where passengers can take one free bag.
  • SAS Plus is another cabin class where one can take a maximum of 2 free bags.
  • If you have more bags, you are advised to book SAS business, which can take up to 3 checked bags for free.

How much does it cost to add a bag SAS?

Travelers are allowed to take 23 kg of luggage for free. If your bag is above this limit, you must pay sas airlines baggage cost for the extra weight. The Airline will charge you between €20 to €105 depending on the weight. The changes may differ as per the route and cabin class.

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