Does IndiGo allow name change?

Yes, IndiGo Airlines allow naming change. You must make a new flight ticket if there is a major correction. On the other hand, if minor modifications exist, the airline will allow changing the name. You can change the name online or speak with the live representative on a call. When changing your name on the flight ticket, you must read the name change policy. 

Get Familiar with IndiGo Name Change Policy

  1. Passengers can change their name within 24 hours of domestic booking and don’t have to pay the charges. 
  2. You can change your name within 48 hours of international booking, and they don’t have to pay the charges. 
  3. You can change your name if you are married. You have to provide the airline with the marriage certificate, and they will adjust your name. 
  4. You can change your name's major or minor correction within 24 hours and don’t pay the charges. 
  5. If you are divorced and have to change the name on your ticket, you must provide the divorce certificate. 
  6. When traveling internationally, you must ensure that your name on official documents and flight tickets matches. 
  7. You can change your minor corrections and don’t pay the charges. 
  8. If your booking is confirmed and you have to change the major name, the airline will cancel your previous ticket and make a new one for you. 
  9. If you made the changes within 3 hours of departure, you have to pay the charges. 
  10. If you are a member of the IndiGo airline and have to change your name, you can do it free of cost. 
  11. If the airline enters the wrong name of your, they will change it, and you don’t have to pay the charges. 

Ways to Change Name on IndiGo Flight Ticket


If you are looking for IndiGo name correction online and don’t know how to change the name online, you have to follow the steps. Here are some steps that you have to follow it:

  1. Open the official website of IndiGo. 
  2. Tap on the manage booking option. 
  3. Enter your six-digit booking code and other required details. 
  4. You will see the itinerary and tap on the change option. 
  5. Under the change option, you have to tap on the name option. 
  6. Now, edit your name and click on submit option. 
  7. You must pay the charges if you change your name after 24 hours. 
  8. You can pay the charges by using net banking or online apps for the transactions. 
  9. You will receive your confirmation on your registered email id and text on your phone number. 

Contact IndiGo Airlines

Suppose you have to do the IndiGo name change online but cannot do it online. You can speak with the live representative on a call. If you require the contact number of the airline, you must visit the airline's official website. Tap on the contact option, and you will get the contact number. You can dial this official number of the airline-1-800-353-5920. Listen to the IVR steps carefully. Once you get in touch with someone on a call, you can raise your problem with them. When the representative changes your name, they will require some official information from you. After that, the representative will change your name and give you a confirmation on your registered email id and text your phone number. 

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