Does Iberia allow name changes?

While making a flight reservation, filling in the details with utmost care is mandatory for a hassle-free journey. Small mistakes may lead to more significant problems, and you may be denied boarding. Sometimes passengers at Iberia Airlines must correct their names on the flight tickets due to the mistakes committed while booking them.

You can correct minor spelling mistakes in your Iberia flight ticket by paying nominal charges. However, to know the exact terms and conditions, you should read the Iberia name change policy mentioned below to see the policy rules applicable to your current situation.

Name change policy at Iberia Airlines:

  • According to the policy, the name on the ticket must be the same as the passenger's name on the passport or other government-issued Id card.
  • According to the policy, Iberia Airlines provides a risk-free period of 24 hours to make corrections to the misspelled names without paying any charges. But your tickets will be reissued, and you have to pay the fare difference, if any.
  • According to the policy, you are allowed to correct the First, Middle, and Last names of up to three characters only. It is to be noted that the count of these characters should be accurate as it indicates the three characters of first, middle, and last name.
  • You can correct your name only if the tickets are issued by Iberia Airlines and the itinerary is operated by Iberia Airlines.
  • According to the policy, a passenger cannot transfer the ticket to another passenger, so they can not change the full name. To change ownership, you have to cancel the ticket, claim a refund, and book the same itinerary for another passenger.
  • At Iberia Airlines, the request to correct the name would be applicable where immediate payment is not required.
  • You can request a name change at Iberia Airlines for the tickets containing car rentals and hotel booking by calling their call centers.

Terms and Conditions to correct the name on Iberia Flights

You must read the Terms and conditions mentioned below related to the Iberia Name change to see the rules applicable to your current situation and to complete the process smoothly.

  • Before requesting a name correction at Iberia Airlines, passengers must check the fare conditions mentioned on the booking receipt, or you can find it on the Booking confirmation.
  • Some fare conditions may apply to all the Iberia Airlines fares. Sometimes, Iberia Airlines allows name correction requests until before the flight's departure.

Name correction fee at Iberia Airlines

You can change your name on Iberia Airlines tickets by paying a nominal fee. The Iberia Name Change Fees depends on the route and fare you have booked. To get a clear idea take a look at the list mentioned below.

  • If you make corrections up to three letters, you must pay a charge of USD 125.
  • If you correct your name on Iberia Flights for Special cases, you must pay USD 75.
  • If you change the Iberia flight ticket to another passenger, you must pay a charge of USD 200.
  • If there is a genuine case of typing error, then you have to pay an amount of USD 50.
  • You have to pay a charge of USD 200 for name correction on the Iberia flight bound for Europe.

Procedure to correct the names on Iberia Airlines Flight tickets

As mentioned below, you have several options for Iberia name correction.

  • Online through the website
  • By calling a representative

Let's quickly have a look at both ways for a smooth process.

Online through the website:

You can correct your Iberia Airlines flight online to save you time. It is also very convenient as you can do it anywhere using your laptop or smartphone, as described below.

  • Open the website
  • Click the Manage Your Booking option under the Your Flight section at the top of the website.
  • Login to your Iberia Account or search for your booking details by entering the Booking code and Last name.
  • Mark the flight in which you want to correct the name and click the Update Information option.
  • Enter the correct name and proceed to the payments page.
  • Make the required payment online, and your name gets updated.
  • You will get the confirmation through an endorsement email from Iberia Airlines.

 By calling a representative:

Another possibility to correct your name on Iberia Airlines is by calling their customer care at 1-800-772-4642 and choosing the Information Update option. Share your booking details with the representative and spell the correct name so they can make the required changes after verifying your details. Make the payment through IVR mode, and they will complete the name correction process. They will also send you an endorsement email confirming the same.

Hence, the ways mentioned above can provide complete information about correcting your name on Iberia Airlines Flight. However, if you require more information or assistance, call the Iberia Airlines customer care number, as you can talk to them individually, and it is the shortest way to get a hold of a representative.

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