Does Cathay Pacific allow pets in cabin?

Pets are supposed to be human’s best friends. Suppose you have a traveling plan shortly, have a pet with you, and do not want to leave your pet alone at home. If you fly with Cathay Pacific, they allow their passengers to carry their pets. However, passengers must fulfill the Cathay Pacific pet cargo requirements to take their pets on the plane. This article contains all the necessary information about the Cathay pet policy.

What is the Cathay Pacific pets policy?

If a passenger has a pet with them, they might not want to leave it behind alone at home if they are traveling somewhere. Cathay Pacific understands this and thus permits the passenger to take the animals on the flights. The passenger must read the Cathay Pacific pet policy before adding a pet to their journey and behave as per the policy. To know the Cathay pets policy, read the points below:

  • The pet must not be violent and smell bad. The Airline does not allow passenger to take their pets on the flight if they have any of these characteristics.
  • The Airline does not allow a pet to travel in the cabin with other passengers. Pets will have to travel in the cargo or as check-in baggage. However, there are some cases, like if a traveler has a disability and wants to keep their service dog on the plane. The Airline does allow this in these cases.
  • An authorized veterinary doctor or hospital must vaccinate the pet, and you must attach the documents while adding the pet to travel.
  • The passenger will have to bring a container for their pet which should be proper in size so that the pet can stand and move quickly in the container. You must also provide sufficient food and water for your pet in the container.
  • The container carrying your pet must be escape-proof, locked, and not leak, and the pet can easily breathe through it.

How much do I have to spend to add a pet on the flight?

The passenger bringing a pet on the plane will have to pay for it. Cathay Pacific charges in two ways: one by measuring the weight or the second by measuring the number of pets. You may have to pay Cathay Pacific pet travel costs of $15 per/kg for your pet, or you may have to pay $240 per piece and an additional charge of $60 for your pet. The price can fluctuate with the destination. You can check the price with your selected destination through their official site.

 Guidelines for the container

The passengers bringing their pets must hand them to the Airline in a container. Cathay Pacific briefly states their passenger is to bring the type of container suitable for the pet. If you want to know about the containers accepted by the Airline, read below:

Guidelines for dog container

  • Containers must be strong metal mesh, fiberglass, or rigid plastic.
  • Wooden containers are acceptable for transporting a dog.
  • Containers entirely made up of welded mesh or wire mesh are not acceptable as they are not suitable for transport.
  • Containers should be easy to carry and transport for the staff and must have a handle so that animals cannot harm the container staff.

Guidelines for cat container

  • Cat containers can comprise fiberglass, wood, metal mesh, rigid plastic, or metal.
  • The Airline will not accept a container made up entirely of wire mesh or welded mesh as it does suit air transport.
  • The Container should have a handle so that the pet cannot harm the staff carrying the container.

Final Words

Passengers traveling with Cathay Pacific and having a pet with them, whom they plan to take on the flight, can read this article and learn about pet policy and price. However, they may ask for more. In that case, they can visit their official site for more information.

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