Does Allegiant allow name changes?

Allegiant Airlines permit you to name change from the ticket. Therefore, you must go through the allegiant air name change policy to do this. In addition, whenever you are going to change the name on the airline's ticket, first, it is required to read about its approach. Due to this, it might be quick and easy for a name change to pay some charges to the airlines.

Guidance on the Allegiant Name Change Policy

Moreover, you can directly change your name from the Allegiant ticket. Therefore, you need to go through the following policy stated below. 

  • A name change is only accessible when Allegiant Airline allows you, and you can change it only by paying fees to them.
  • If the airline permits changing the name from the ticket, making changes within 24 hours of the reservation is totally free.
  • 3 to 4 allegiant air misspelled names (first, middle and last letter of your name) is allowed to change on the ticket. 
  • Due to divorce, or marriage, you can easily change your name, but for that, you must submit such documents as certificates.
  • You can’t change your full name on the Allegiant Air ticket.
  • The ticket can’t be transferrable to any person. And, for that, the airline person never gives permission to you.
  • The new PNR will be assigned when you make modifications to the name on the ticket, and the old one will be invalid. In addition, due to this, you have to select the seats again.
  • You can’t change your name online when your ticket isn’t reserved. In this situation, you can modify your name through customer service also.
  • The name change on Allegiant Airlines is accessible within 24 to 72 hours of flying the flight. Therefore, for that, you have to pay the charges to them.

How to change the name from the Allegiant Airlines ticket?

A name change can be accessible to you in many ways. Therefore, you must track down the following stepwise methods below to know about them.

Via manage booking, name change on Allegiant- you can easily change the name from Allegiant,

  1. Open the Allegiant Airlines web portal on your search engine.
  2. Then, tap on “manage booking” and enter your “reservation number” and “last name.”
  3. After that, choose the tab “search.”
  4. Get the full details of your booking on the next page.
  5. Under that page, look for the change option. And tap on it.
  6. Take it, request for change of allegiant air wrong name on the ticket. And after getting permission from the airline person, change your name. 
  7. Pay the name change fees to the airline. And save it.

Further, you will get the name change confirmation over your registered email and phone number. 

Via customer service, name change on Allegiant- therefore, you need to go to the official website of Allegiant Airlines. You need to find out the customer service section and click on it. 

  • After that, search for the phone call section and take it. 
  • Call the live person at 1 (702) 505-8888 and Get support from the airline person by calling.
  • Therefore, you may request a name change on the Allegiant flight ticket. 
  • Share all the details and pay the name change fee. 

Furthermore, the airline person confirms the name change from the Allegiant Airlines ticket. 

How much do I have to pay for the Allegiant name change?

It is necessary to pay the Allegiant name change fee for a name change. However, you don’t know how much I must pay for the name change with Allegiant Airlines. So, it is necessary to pay the charges from $150 to $75. 

What happens if my plane ticket does not match my passport name?

If the plane ticket doesn’t match your passport’s name, you cannot take the international flight.

Why do Allegiant airlines not allow to change the full name on the ticket?

Thus, Allegiant Air didn’t allow you to have a full name change from the ticket because if the full name change is applicable, the passengers can directly resell their tickets or transfer their tickets to anyone. For this, to stop it, they never allow you to change the full name from the Allegiant ticket. In addition, you modify only minor changes or corrections simply at the airline by paying some amount for it.

Is it compulsory that to ticket name is matched to the ID proof?

Yes, it is necessary to match the name of your boarding pass with your ID proof. If the name wasn’t similar, you didn’t fly with Allegiant Airlines. 

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