Can You Change the Passenger Name on Air France Flight?

The flag carrier of France, Air France, is popular for its finest and customer-friendly services. Sometimes, passengers make mistakes in their names or details while booking a flight. This can lead to problems later while boarding the flight. Thus, you should be utterly attentive while entering your details during booking. But if you have made any errors in your name by mistake, the airline allows you to rectify them to avoid any problems later on. You should read the following article to get complete information about Air France name correction. It profoundly discusses everything about it.

How to correct your name on an Air France ticket?

There are two methods to get your name amended on Air France flights. You can do so on the airline's website or by contacting the customer service team. Both methods are discussed here in detail. Read them thoroughly to understand better.

The online process to change the name with Air France

The online method is the best for those who do not like to hold on to the call to speak to customer service. It helps you to skip waiting time and go through the process without any halt. The step-by-step procedure is discussed below.

  • Go to the Air France website. The link to it is
  • Press the ‘My Bookings’ tab and log in to your account using your booking reference and surname.
  • The respective flight details will appear. Click the ‘Change’ button and select the name change option.
  • Make the required changes and save them.
  • In the end, you should pay any fee incurred during the process.

Call customer service to change your name.

Let’s also understand the offline process: contacting customer service. If you fail to correct your name through the online method, you can always contact customer service and seek assistance. You should call Air France's name change number, +1 (800) 237-2747. Ask the customer service executive to make the required alterations in your name and pay the fee, if any.

What is the Air France name change policy?

Before heading into the process, you should know the rules regarding name change. Hence, you should understand the Air France name change policy in detail. Kindly read the mentioned points to know the policy.

  • Air France allows customers to correct their first, middle, or last names as required.
  • The airline does not permit name change to another passenger as flight tickets are non-transferable.
  • Air France name correction requests require ticket reissuing.
  • Requests for Air France name change on tickets should be made 24 hours before scheduled departure for international flights.
  • Passengers cannot request a name change or correction after completing the check-in process.
  • Passengers whose names have changed due to marriage or divorce have to produce supporting documents when submitting the request. These documents can be

-Marriage certificate

-Court order

-Legal affidavit

-Divorce decree

  • Changes related to the date of birth, title, and gender are not considered under a name change.
  • Air France does not allow name changes/corrections for codeshare agreement flights.
  • Air France charges a minimal name correction fee in case of minor name misspellings.

What type of name corrections/changes does Air France allow?

Customers can make the following changes to their name on Air France flight tickets.

  1. First or middle name: customers can correct their first or middle name to match the name on their passport.
  2. Last name: passengers can change up to 3 characters from their surname to reflect the same name as on the passport.
  3. Add another last name: you can include another last name, but the original surname must not be changed.
  4. Correct the order: if your first, middle, and last name are wrong, you can correct it to match as on the passport.

Exceptions of Air France name change policy

Air France gives an exception in the following cases, i.e., passengers do not have to change their name. Read the following list to learn about the exceptions.

  1. It is acceptable if a passenger’s name appears in a different order.
  2. In case of multiple first names, you can have your first name on the ticket.
  3. If your maiden name appears as the last name on an Air France flight ticket, it is accepted by the airline.

How much fee does Air France charge for name change/correction?

After knowing the name change process and policy, you should also know the Air France name change fee. The following is the name change and correction fee that Air France charges.

Name Change Fee:

  • Economy Basic- unavailable
  • Economy Opti- unavailable
  • Economy Flexi- 200 USD
  • Biz Saver- 150 USD
  • Biz- 100 USD
  • Biz Plus- 55 USD

Name Correction:

  • Economy Basic- unavailable
  • Economy Opti- unavailable
  • Economy Flexi- 150 USD
  • Biz Saver- 100 USD
  • Biz- 75 USD
  • Biz Plus- Nil

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