Can You Hold a Reservation on JetBlue?

JetBlue Airways is a renowned low-cost airline offering travellers the convenience of holding reservations before making a final booking decision. This allows you to secure the desired flights and fares without immediately conforming to the purchase. This comprehensive guide will explore JetBlue hold ticket policy, the associated terms and conditions, and the step-by-step process through their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. You can take a look to stay updated on the topics.

Holding Reservations: Policy Overview

JetBlue's reservation holding feature allows a grace period to finalize the travel plans. Using this service, you can hold your selected itinerary, including flights and fares, for a specified duration without making full payment. During this holding period, the selected flights and fares are temporarily reserved, protecting you from potential price increases or unavailability.

Terms & Conditions for JetBlue Holding Reservations

Holding Fee: JetBlue may charge a non-refundable JetBlue hold fare for the reservation. The fee varies based on the route, fare type, and other factors. You must review the specific fee associated with your reservation.

Expiration: If the holding period expires and you don't complete the booking, the held reservation will be automatically cancelled, and the flights and fares may no longer be available.

Modification and Cancellation: During the holding period, you can modify or cancel the held reservation without incurring any additional charges. However, standard fare rules and change fees apply once the booking is complete.

Payment: To confirm the held reservation, you need to make the full payment before the holding period expires. Once the payment is complete, the transition from the holding process to the regular booking process is done.

Duration: The JetBlue hold time is typically 24 hours and can vary depending on the flight's departure date. JetBlue always determines the exact holding duration, which can vary.

Availability: While your reservation is on hold, the availability of flights and fares is not guaranteed. Other travelers may book the same flights, resulting in changes to availability during the holding period.

How to hold a reservation with JetBlue?

You can hold a JetBlue reservation by visiting the official website of JetBlue online and also by speaking to the representative over the phone. Here explained both the procedure; you can take a look:

Hold reservation online

  • Get on the JetBlue official booking flight page online.
  • You can enter the departure and arrival dates and destinations.
  • Provide other booking information and also the number of passengers.
  • Now search for the flight, and you will get all the available options.
  • Compare the prices and other details and select the one that suits you
  • Now proceed with the booking and provide the passenger's information on the page.
  • Follow the prompt, and on the payment page, you get many options.
  • Select 'hold fare' and enter the details of the payment.
  • You can follow the prompt instructions and complete the hold reservation process.
  • Now, the system will hold your reservation for around 24 hours.
  • You need to confirm the booking with the hold period.
  • You can go to the manage booking section on the JetBlue website.
  • Access the booking details and clear the payments to complete the booking process.
  • If you don't complete the payments within the hold period, your reservation will be cancelled, and the holding fee will be forfeited.

Holding Reservations: IVR Process

JetBlue's IVR system provides a quick and convenient way to hold reservations via the JetBlue phone number. Follow the steps below to use the IVR system for holding reservations:

  • Dial the JetBlue customer service number on the website; ensure you have the flight details, travel dates, and passenger information ready.
  • Follow the prompts in the IVR menu to select the option for holding reservations.
  • Press 1 for the reservation
  • Press 2 to make changes
  • Press 3 for the flight schedule
  • Press 4 for seat selection
  • Press 5 for more
  • Select option 1 in the above menu; the system will provide further information.
  • You might need information, including your flight preferences, travel dates, and passenger details.
  • The IVR system will present you with available holding options, including the holding fee and the hold duration. Select one option that suits your needs and requirements.
  • Confirm your selection, and proceed to the payments page to pay the holding fee.
  • Once the payment is processed, the system will confirm the held reservation. This will include information regarding the holding period and the steps to complete the booking before the hold expires.
  • You can connect with a live agent if you still face any trouble or need more information.

In Conclusion: JetBlue's reservation holding feature is an effective tool for those seeking flexibility and time while planning their trips. If you understand the policy, terms, and conditions of holding reservations, you can use this service to secure your flights and fares without immediate booking. You can hold your booking by visiting the official web portal or JetBlue or by following the IVR process over the phone. Besides, review JetBlue's official website or talk to customer service for the latest information regarding the reservation holding process and associated fees. Please understand JetBlue's hold reservation, terms, and relevant details. Besides speaking to JetBlue customer service in case you need more information or have any doubts.

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