Can you change the name on the Air Canada ticket?

It is common for passengers to enter their wrong names or misspellings while reserving their flight tickets, and they do not verify the concerned error and complete the process. This may cause them some trouble while checking in at the airport. So, suppose you made the same mistake on an Air Canada ticket, and now you want to change it and wonder about the Air Canada name change process, policy, ways to modify it, and other associated questions. So, to get the answers, you are advised to go through the discussion and find out your answers; please have a look:

Air Canada name change policy:

It is always advised to passengers to be aware of the Air Canada name change policy because there are some exceptions laid down by the airline, also some taxes for changing it. So, you are advised to read out the points mentioned below:

  • If any modifications are made within 24 hours, no fee is charged by the airline.
  • You will have to incur a name change fee from the airline, and these fares are decided by the airline based on the class of the airline.
  • If you wish to change the full name, you must produce the legal documents to the authority to get approval to change the name on a flight ticket.
  • With requesting a name change, you cannot change the route, flight, date, destination, etc.
  • You are permitted to modify minor errors.
  • For further clarification, you can contact the airline's customer executive, who will look after your queries and provide you with a better understanding of this.

What are the terms and conditions for changing a name?

The airline sets several terms and conditions for making any changes to the name on a ticket. So, some of them are the following; please give a look:

  • Change the name, not the passenger— You are authorized by the airline to change the name that uses some alphabet, but you cannot add anybody else's name on the ticket.
  • Provide legal documents— Suppose you are married, divorced, etc., and you have changed your name; in this circumstance, the airline will authorize you to do so once all the valid documents are provided.
  • Within a time span— The 24 hours is the window of getting a 100% discount or no fee for changing a name; however, you will be charged a fee of nearly USD 200.
  • Change Alphabets— The airline may not permit you to change the full name but only a few alphabets.

What are the different ways to change your name?

There are multiple ways to change a name on your flight ticket, and to know about them; you are advised to go through them; please look at the following:

Change through the official website.

The Air Canada name correction online method is the most feasible method where within a few minutes, the process will be ended, and you will be able to be satisfied. However, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you have to visit the official website of Air Canada to begin the process.
  • After that, you have to tap on Manage My Booking.
  • Enter all the necessary details, for example, PNR Number, ticket number, etc., and search for your flight.
  • There, you will view the option to change a name. Click on it.
  • Make a relevant fee as required, and you will complete the process.

Is it possible to change the name at the airport?

The airline ensures to deliver the passengers every possible way to modify their flights and to do at the airport; you have to follow a few steps; please have a look:

  • Visit the airport to commence the process.
  • Approach the help desk at the airport and request to change your name on a ticket.
  • Provide all the necessary documents, such as legal proof.
  • Provide the fees (if asked), and you will be sent a confirmation.

Make a call and request to change a name.

There is another way to request the airline to change your name: dialing the airline's phone number 1 (888) 247-2262, and an executive will be assigned to provide you with resolutions.

What is the Air Canada name change fee?

Usually, there is a query raised by passengers asking about the Air Canada name change fee so they have a brief idea of the fee charged by the airline; so please look at the points mentioned below; please give a look:

  • Usually, the airline charges around USD 200.
  • The fee may vary occasionally, depending on the class you booked with the airline.

Note: Modifications made within 24 hours carry no fee at all.

This discussion will help you know how to change the name on your flight ticket, including the fees, policy, and specific terms and conditions that one must be aware of so they can avoid any additional charges imposed by the airline for violating any of its rules.

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