Can You Change the Name on a Ticket with Emirates?

Many travelers choose to fly with Emirates Airlines for the memorable and joyful journey it offers. Suppose you made a reservation with Emirates, but unfortunately, you updated the wrong name during the booking process. In that case, you must be worried about whether you can travel with Emirates Airlines with a name that doesn't match your ID. 

You do not have to worry anymore. Emirates allows name correction on the tickets to ensure a smooth and tension-free journey. If you are willing to make an Emirates name change on a ticket, there are some policies, processes, and name change fees that need to be considered. Before that, you must know what kind of name change requests are accepted by the airline. 

  • Correction up to 4 characters in the first name, middle name, and last name. 
  • Addition or removal of the middle name. 
  • Changes with name as per the government-approved ID. 
  • Changes due to marriage, divorce, or legal name change. 
  • Adding a title/suffix/prefix to a name. 

Emirates name change policy.

A smart passenger must go through the Emirates name change policy before proceeding to ensure everything is clear. Some of the policies are as follows. 

  • Passengers can correct names on Emirates only up to four characters in their first name, middle name, and last name. 
  • The process of name change must be made up to 2 hours before the flight's departure. 
  • Passengers' names cannot be swapped on the tickets. For this, it is required to cancel and rebook a flight. 
  • Under legal obligations such as divorce and marriage, passengers can change their first or last name by presenting proof. 
  • A fee must be paid for the name change and the fare difference, if applicable. 
  • Passengers must check-in for their flight and select their seat once again after their name is updated on the Passengers Name Record (PNR.)
  • Changes with names up to 4 characters, if made within 24 hours of booking, can be done for free. 
  • If the booking of a flight is made by a third-party agent or a travel agency, please get in touch with them for a name change. 

Emirates name change process. 

It is necessary to match your name on the ticket as per your government ID. Passengers, if they are willing to go through the Emirates name change procedure, must know that it can be easily done online and over the phone. 

Emirates name change process online. 

To change your name online, follow the step-by-step guide. 

  • Browse Emirates' official website on your device. 
  • On the home page, select the 'Manage booking' section. 
  • Enter your booking reference number and the traveler's last name. 
  • Tap on 'Retrieve booking' and select the 'Emirates name correction' tab. 
  • Enter the correct name carefully as per the government ID. 
  • Follow the instructions on your screen and pay the required fees. 
  • Wait for a confirmation message and name update on PNR. 

Emirates name correction process through the phone. 

There is an option to call the airline and seek assistance to correct your name on the Emirates ticket. 

  • Please dial the correct customer support number at +1 800 777 3999. 
  • Listen to the IVR instructions on call carefully and press the valid keys. 
  • Wait for your turn to speak with a representative while your call is on hold. 
  • Once the call is connected, speak with an agent and provide them with the details. 
  • Enter the correct name per the ID and confirm by paying the name change fees. 
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you via SMS. 

How much does it cost to change your name on Emirates?

After completing the name change process on Emirates tickets, passengers can pay the fee and the fare difference if applicable. Emirates name change cost for the US region is USD 30 per ticket. 


Can I travel with Emirates with an incorrect name? 

No, your name on the Emirates ticket must match your official name as per a government-issued ID. Name change can be done online or over the phone by paying a fee. 

How much does an Emirates charge for a name change? 

The Emirates name change fee is USD 30 for US regions. Apart from the name change fee, airlines may also charge the fare difference if applicable. 

Can I change my name for free on an Emirates ticket? 

No. The airline charges for name correction. If you opt for a name change within 24 hours of booking, it can only be done for free. 

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