Can You Change The Name On A Spirit Airline Ticket?

A traveler who has purchased a flight ticket from Spirit Airlines and by mistake has mentioned the wrong name or misspelled the passenger’s name must be wondering what to do. Spirit Airlines allows a person to correct the name later as it is necessary to match the name as per the documents while boarding the flight. Regarding the same, you need to go through with the policies, different procedures, and fees. Further, all the essential info about a name change at Spirit Airlines is mentioned.

What are the name change policies of Spirit Airlines?

Before requesting the change of the passenger’s name, you must go through with the terms and conditions. The Spirit Airlines name change policy is as follows:

  • Spirit Airlines allows you to correct the name of the passenger and not swap the whole name.
  • You can change the name to 4 characters only and not more than that.
  • The name change is allowed one time per person by Spirit Airlines.
  • To change the name of the flight ticket, there will be applicable charges.
  • If the name change is requested within 24 hours of completing the reservation, then no additional amount has to be paid at Spirit Airlines.
  • A legal document needed to be submitted to change the name at Spirit Airlines.
  • If a passenger has different flight segments with Spirit Airlines, they need to contact the same segment for the name change of the ticket.
  • If your name has changed legally after booking the ticket, like due to divorce or other reasons, you do not have to pay the name change charges at Spirit Airlines.
  • If the flight ticket was booked from a third-party agent, then you will not be able to change the passenger’s name directly with Spirit Airlines and will need to contact the same agent for your name change request.

What are the different methods for changing names on Spirit Airlines?

You can use the website to change the passenger’s name on the flight ticket or approach an executive to request the same. Both methods are suitable, and you can pick one per your preference. In Spite of these, a person can also get assistance at the airport to correct the name.

Name Change by Website

The “My Trips” section of the Spirit Airlines website helps a person to change the name of the flight ticket whenever you want. If you want to know the detailed process, then here are the instructions:

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines website on the browser,
  • You will see the My Trips option in the top bar,
  • Put the flight confirmation number and last name in the provided fields,
  • Tap on the Continue button, and your booking will be open on the page,
  • You will get the “Name Change” option underneath the booking,
  • Correct your name and attach the required legal document that verifies your name,
  • Then you will be reached on the payment page,
  • Pay any applicable charges for the name change,
  • Then your Spirit Airlines flight ticket name will be changed successfully,
  • A name change correction email will be shared with you immediately.

Name Change by Customer Service

The customer service team is also available for the passengers to help them in any need related to the travel. So you can approach an executive at customer service to request your Spirit Airlines name change. You can take help from the given instructions to place a call and get assistance:

  • Dial the phone number: 1 (855) 728-3555,
  • Next, you have to wait for an executive to line up on your call,
  • Then talk with the executive about changing the name of your flight ticket,
  • The executive will take your full name and the confirmation number of the booked flight,
  • Share the legal document info to verify your name for the passenger’s name correction,
  • After that, you may have to pay for the name change,
  • The name correction on the Spirit Airlines flight ticket will be completed, and an email will be shared with you.

Name Change at the Airport

You can change the name on the ticket by reaching the airport. You will get a help desk representative to help you with the same. You must reach the airport 3 to 4 hours before the check-in and approach a representative at the airport help desk. Share your flight ticket and the legal document with the representative and ask to change the name. You have to pay the change fee at the moment, and your name change process will be completed.

How much does changing the name on a Spirit Airlines flight ticket cost?

The name change charges are applied at Spirit Airlines based on the fare rules of the flight ticket. Generally, the Spirit Airlines name change fee lies between 175 USD to 225 USD. 

Hence, you must consider going through the applicable policies whenever you make a mistake on the passenger’s name while booking the flight ticket. Spirit change name on a ticket can be done with multiple methods you can follow as per your suitability.

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