How much does it cost to change a name on a Loganair flight ticket?

Are you pondering over Loganair's change name? You have landed at the exact correct place. We are about to share some of the best ways that one can deploy in order to proceed with the name change for your Logan air flight booking. 

Loganair name change process

Here is what one can do in order to change their name on Loganair flight booking. 

  • First and foremost, people need to navigate to the official website where they are able to find the Loganair flight change option. Visit
  • Once you are on the homepage, select the ‘Manage Booking’ option on the page. 
  • Next, passengers need to enter certain details in order to access their flight reservation to proceed with the required changes as far as their Loganair flight bookings are concerned. 
  • Mention your flight reservation reference number along with your last name and hit the submit option on the page. This would allow you to get access to your Logan air flight booking details. 
  • Select the booking you wish to make changes to and then select the ‘Change flight’ option on the page. 
  • Next, a drop-down list will open on your screen and people need to select the ‘name change’ option from this list to make corrections to their names. 
  • Make the required correction and also complete the payment for changing your reservation (if applicable).
  • You will receive a change notification from the airline on your registered email address or the one provided by you at the time of flight booking at 

Loganair offline name change process. 

If you face any complications as far as Loganair change the name on ticket is concerned, you can simply talk to an expert at the airline for help and assistance to proceed with online changes as far as your flight reservations are concerned. 

One can dial the contact number in order to talk to someone from the customer support team. You will hear an automated voice delivering prompts on the call and need to select an appropriate option to reach an executive for help. Dedicated support is available at Loganair as far as a name change for your flight booking is concerned. 

Loganair name change policy inclusions. 

Travelers are able to proceed with name changes smoothly by understanding the clauses of the name change policy released by the airline. Here are some of the vital points concerning Loganair's name change policy: 

  • One needs to enter their name for reservation as mentioned on the passport and one must enter their full names along with titles. 
  • Bookings made under a married name having a different name on the passport must procure a valid marriage certificate with them to the airport to board their flight. 
  • Route changes do not qualify for name changes on Loganair flights. 
  • People are able to correct their names up to three characters including the title. 
  • One must also include an OSI into the PNR intimating a correct name. 
  • Also, passengers need to make sure that they inform Trade Support so that the change made to the light reservations reflects in Loganair’s system for smooth check-in. 

How much is Loganair name change fee? 

Travelers are able to make the desired changes to their reservations by communicating with the reservations department or can proceed with online changes. People can make free changes to their flight bookings if the changes are made within 24 hours of the initial flight reservation at Loganair. 

Travelers must pay the Loganair name change fee to the airline and it can be somewhere around EUR 50. This amount is payable after the closing of the 24-hour free change window at Loganair.

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