Is Emirates allowed for the name change from their tickets?

To provide the best experience to passengers of its airlines, Emirates will allow you to change the name of your tickets. So, if you are looking for a name change in Emirates and are confused about whether it is possible to modify your name from the Emirates ticket? So, "Yes," it is possible to amend your name by following specific terms and conditions. However, whenever you change the ticket's name, you need to get permission from the airline as per Emirates name change policy. In addition, the policy will state the cost at which you can modify your name. Also, it will tell you whether the name change will be done free of charge or not.

Emirates name change policy: terms & conditions

So, here you will see the name change policy with Emirates Airlines. Go through this policy and get the best things with that.

  • A name change is only applicable when airlines allow you, and you must pay for it.
  • Name changes within 24 hours of booking, and you don’t have to pay any charges.
  • You can modify only 4 letters of your name. In addition, you will change the first letter, middle letter, and last letter of your name from the Emirates Airlines flight ticket.
  • You must present your legal documents to change your surname from the Emirates Tickets.
  • In addition, according to the policy, they are paying the charges for the name change at Emirates per head.
  • You can’t transfer your ticket when you are going to change your name from the airlines due to name modifications, and it is essential to share the legal documents with that.
  • When you have completed the name change procedure with the Emirates Airlines ticket, you must check in and select the seats again. You can’t swap your seats in between the new & old PNR numbers. 
  • Booking via online method, you are applicable to modify your name with that.
  • If a name change is applicable before 24 to 72 hours of flying the Emirates Airlines flight, you must pay the Emirates Name change fee, according to the name change policy.

What is the Process of changing their name in the Emirates? 

A passenger can change their name on their tickets by two methods that are:

Name modifications via online method: Here are the steps of name change via the online process. For this, you need to pursue these steps.

  • Launch the browser of Emirates Airlines
  • Find the “manage options” and tap it on the menu bar.
  • (There, you will find the options you can use by clicking on manage options.)
  • Click on the “change your flight,” and you will redirect to the “change your emirates flight” page.
  • Make login to view your trip. For this, you are required to enter “last name” & “booking reference.”
  • Tap on retrieve booking.
  • You will find all details of your Emirates booking. Tap on edit settings.
  • Modify your name and pay the Emirates name change fee to the airlines.

You will receive a notification regarding this on your phone. In addition, you can also change your name via phone call.

Modify your name via phone call: For this, a traveler must need to call the live representative on their Emirates phone number is +18883201576, +18007773999. So, after connecting a call with the airline's live agent, request the name change from the Emirates Airlines ticket and pay the required fee.

Hence, for Emirates name correction, pay the fees; for Business Flex: $200 & Basic Fare: $250. For more, connect with airlines via their customer service.

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