Can I Change the Passenger Name on Malaysia Airlines?

The airline would not be allowed you to change the passenger name on the airline. You can make modifications to your name but not the passenger's name. The airline allows passengers to make minor changes to their names. You must speak with the representative about the Malaysia Airlines name change.

What is the Malaysia Airlines Name Change Policy?

  • The airline allows you to edit your name with minor changes and is free of cost.
  • According to  Malaysia Airlines Name Change Policy,  you can edit 1st character in the last name column and a maximum of 2 characters in the First Name. You can edit up to 3 characters of your name, which is free of cost.
  • If there is a significant change in your name, the airline will charge you accordingly, and you must pay the penalty.
  • If the passenger gets recently married or separated from their partner and wants to change their name, they must attach the evidence, and the airline will change their name.
  • When the airline changes the traveler's name on their ticket, the airline will change their name, and they don’t have to pay the charges.
  • The airline would be allowed you to travel if your name matches your identification cards. If it is not matched, you will be arrested as a terrorist.

How much does the Malaysia Airlines name change fee?

If you change your name after 24 hours and there is a major sign, you must pay the  Malaysia Airlines name change fee, i,e., MYR 150, and the service tax, if any. If you want more details about the change fee, you must speak with the representative and get the information.

How can I change my name on Malaysia Airlines?

When the traveler misspells their name, they want to edit it. They can use the online method to change their name. To use the manage trip option, follow the given steps-

  • Open the web portal of Malaysia Airlines.
  • Move your mouse toward the travel info and select the manage booking option.
  • Enter your booking code and passenger surname.
  • On the dashboard, there are many options. You must select the change option.
  • Under the change option, you must select the name option.
  • Edit your name and verify it once.
  • If your name changes significantly, you must pay the charges.
  • For payment, you can use these options-net banking, debit, or credit card.
  • Get confirmation from the airline at your registered officials immediately.

Can I speak to the airline representative about the name change?

You can speak with the airline representative about any query and get the information immediately. To make any modification to your name, you can speak up with the airline representative, and they will change it as soon as possible. You will get the Malaysia Airlines ticket name change contact number on the official website. To speak with the representative, follow the steps-

  • Call the airline on this number- 1 300 88 3000.
  • Follow the voice process carefully. Press the command according to the listed topic.
  • Press 1 or 2 to select the language.
  • Press 3 to book the flight.
  • Press 4 to make any modifications.
  • Press 6 to communicate with the representative.
  • Press # to disconnect the call.
  • Communicate with the representative for the name change.
  • Provide the required details to the representative; your name will change shortly.
  • After that, the airline representative will provide you with the confirmation at your email id and message on the contact number.

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