Can I Change the Name on the Air India Ticket?

Yes, changing the name on an airline ticket may be a common subject for travelers, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise. If you are flying with Air India and locate yourself in this scenario, knowing the airline's policies, terms, and fees related to name changes is crucial. In this blog, we'll delve into the information of Air India name change policy, the terms and conditions you need to be aware of, and the costs. Additionally, we will direct you through correcting a name to your Air India ticket online.

Air India's Name Change Policy:

Air India has precise guidelines concerning name change on flight tickets. Understanding those guidelines is important to navigate the process smoothly:

  • Name Change Eligibility: Air India permits name change beneath unique situations, which include spelling mistakes, provided the alternate is requested well earlier in the flight.
  • Time Limit: Name change must be asked 48 hours before departure.
  • Not Transferable: Tickets usually are non-transferable. This way, you can't change the name on a price ticket to offer it to someone else.
  • Exceptions: In cases of loss of life, marriage, or divorce, Air India can also consider name changes. However, additional documentation, including a wedding certificate or courtroom order, can be required.

Thus, this is the name change policy of the Air India flight; however, if you need a flight ticket change, you should know the procedure to avoid any hassle. The name change policy of Air India provides the flexibility of name correction or name adjustment on the ticket; if you make a small mistake or want to change the name, you can do that very quickly.

Terms and Conditions:

Before intending with an Air India name change request, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions set with the help of Air India:

  • Documentation: Prepare the critical documentation to support your name change request. For example, if it is because of a spelling mistake, ensure you have evidence of the precise name, along with a passport or government-issued ID.
  • Fare Difference: If the fare for the new price ticket is better than the original, you'll be required to pay the fare difference.
  • Name Change Fee: Air India imposes a fee for name changes, and this charge can vary depending on different factors, including the route, fare kind, and travel class. It's essential to check the exact amount at the time of your request.
  • Cancellation Consideration: Sometimes, it is more value-powerful to cancel the official price ticket (problem with cancellation expenses) and book a brand new one with the correct name. Compare the fees before deciding.
  • Contact Air India: Contact Air India's customer service or visit their website for details on your reservation's terms and conditions.

Fees for Name Changes:

The Air India name change fee for converting a name on an Air India price ticket can vary, so it is vital to check the modern quotes at the time of your request. Generally, the fee structure consists of:

  • Basic Name Change Fee: This is the usual fee for processing the requested change.
  • Fare Difference: If the fare for the brand-new ticket is better than the unique one, you may need to pay the fare difference.
  • Service Fee: Air India can also rate an airline charge for handling the name change request.
  • Tax Implications: Be conscious that changing the name of your price ticket might adjust taxes and charges associated with your reservation.

Air India Name Correction Online:

To facilitate the name change process, Air India provides an online platform in which you can request an Air India name correction online. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the Air India Website: Go to the official Air India website:
  • Login to Your Account: Log in to your Air India account; if you don't have one, create one.
  • Manage Booking: Navigate to the "Manage my Booking" section.
  • Select Your Flight: Locate the reservation you want a name correction and pick it.
  • Request Name Change: Look for the choice to request a name change or correction and observe the on-display instructions.
  • Pay Fees: Be ready to pay the relevant costs in your reservation.
  • Submit Documents: Add any vital documentation to guide your name change request.
  • Confirmation: After submitting your request and payment, you need to get hold of a confirmation e-mail with information on the name change.


Changing the name for your Air India ticket is feasible, but it comes with particular policies, terms, and expenses that you want to be aware of. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and feature the vital documentation before beginning the manner. Always check the costs and discover whether or not it is extra fee-powerful for an Air India name change on a ticket or remember other alternatives like flight ticket cancellation and rebooking. Following the above-mentioned steps, you can navigate the name correction process with Air India effectively and avoid any last-minute journey hassles.

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