Can I change the name on an Air Arabia ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on the airline ticket. To change the airline's name, you must use these ways to manage booking customer support or the airport. Before editing your name, please read the airline's terms and conditions. To read the airline terms and conditions, you must visit the airline's official website, and you will get the details quickly. To acquire other details about Air Arabia change passenger name, you can contact the airline representative and get the details.

Get Familiar with Air Arabia name change policy.

Airline name change policies can vary sometimes, and they often depend on your ticket type and the specific circumstances surrounding the name change request. Checking the specific airline's policy is crucial because they can differ significantly. Here are some general points to consider:

  • Spelling Errors: the airline will allow free corrections for minor spelling errors on the ticket. You can change a letter or two without incurring charges.
  • Full Name Changes: If you need to change the entire name on a ticket, it's usually more complicated. Some airlines do not allow name changes, while others might permit it for a fee.
  • Ticket Type: Non-refundable tickets are usually more restrictive regarding name changes. Refundable or flexible tickets offer more leeway.
  • Documentation: the airline will require documentation to prove the name change is necessary. This could include a marriage certificate, court order, or other official documentation.
  • Fees: Be prepared for fees if the airline does allow name changes. These fees can vary significantly.
  • Time Frame: Generally, making name changes is easier before the flight. Last-minute changes can be more challenging.

How do you change the passenger name in Air Arabia?

Do you want to change your name on the ticket? You can change your flight online or offline and get the details on your registered data. Before modifying your flight ticket, you must read the airline's terms and conditions. Here are the ways to change your name on the flight ticket-

Use the manage booking option-

A traveler wants to change their name on the flight ticket. They can edit their name through the online method. It is the simplest way to change the name on the flight ticket. For Air Arabia name change, they need to follow the given details carefully-

  • Open the official website of Air Arabia.
  • Drag your mouse and click on the manage booking option.
  • Under the manage flight, you must select the topic under the list.
  • Click on the name change option and tap the find out more option.
  • Enter your reservation number, traveler details, and departure date.
  • Click on the continue option.
  • Retrieve your booking history.
  • You need to select the booking that you want to edit.
  • Edit your name and click on the continue alternative.
  • Review your details carefully.
  • Pay the charges if there is a fare difference.
  • Get the details of your registered officials quickly.

Speak with the customer support-

A passenger wants to change their name on the flight ticket. They can speak with the airline representative, and their name will be edited quickly. To change the name on the flight ticket, they need to dial 600 508001. Pay attention to the on-call instructions and get connected with the airline representative. The representative will edit their name, and they will get the confirmation on their registered credentials quickly.

Visit the airport-

You have tried changing your name but cannot do it. In that case, you can visit the airport and go to the airport help center. At the help center, you can ask the airport representative to change the name. The representative will ask you a few questions; kindly respond, and the representative will change your name and get the details on your official data rapidly.

How much does it cost to change a flight name?

You must pay the charges whenever you change the name on the flight ticket after 24 hours. The charges start from $350 per person. To acquire the other details about the airline name change, you can speak with the airline representative, and you will get the details quickly.


Why do airlines not allow name changes?

Airlines typically don't allow name changes on tickets due to security and anti-fraud measures. The name on a ticket must match the passenger's identification to ensure the right person is traveling. Allowing name changes could be exploited for illegal activities or ticket resale, making it a security risk. However, some airlines may offer options to correct minor spelling errors or allow transfers under certain circumstances, but these are often subject to fees and restrictions.

What if the name on my ticket needs to be corrected?

If the name on your airline ticket needs to be corrected, you should contact the airline instantly to rectify the situation. They can correct minor spelling or other mistakes, especially if it's an obvious typographical error. However, substantial name changes, such as changing the entire name or transferring the ticket to a different person, are typically not allowed due to security and anti-fraud measures. Be prepared to provide proof of identity and documentation to support correcting the name on your ticket. To avoid such issues, checking your ticket details carefully when booking is important.

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