Can I change the name on my TUI booking?

TUI airline is a British charter Airline that operates flights to several destinations of Domestic and International route networks. Sometimes people get issues with their booking, like cancellation, flight change, refund, etc., so they want to know the TUI name change policy to change their name on flight tickets quickly. TUI Airlines provides this facility to change passengers' names and gender on booking and other services. With this information, you will know the name change policy, procedure, and change fees so you can travel worry-free.

What is the name change policy of TUI airlines?

Before making changes to your booking, let’s look at the TUI name change rules so that you shouldn’t face any difficulties.

  • You can make amendments for misspellings free of charge within 14 days of making a reservation when you have more than 28 days for departure.
  • If you have 28 days or less than 28 days for your departure, you must make changes within 2 days of booking to avoid the fee charge.
  • You will charge for changing your name after 14 days of departure.
  • You will charge for any amendments you wish to make to your bookings.

What is the name change fee for TUI Airlines?

You can be charged a name change fee if you mistakenly enter your surname or name. Name change fee for passengers depends on some situations and circumstances, which you can read above in the information. If you want to know the TUI name change fee, then look at the below-given information:

  • If you change your name after 29 days or more than 29 days before your departure, you have to pay £25 with some charges applied by TUI Airlines.
  • If you have 28 to 15 days for departure, then you will charge  £25 plus the additional charges made by the airline.
  • If you make amendments within 14 days of departure, you must pay 100% of the original booking amount.

How can you change your name on TUI Airlines?

After knowing the TUI name change policy and rules, you can quickly correct your name. You can also contact TUI Airlines for your name modifications. TUI Airlines provides two ways to make amendments to your bookings first one is through the website, and the other one is through phone calls.

 For doing modifications in name through the website, follow the various steps:

  • Visit the official website of TUI Airlines.
  • Go to the manage booking option on your screen.
  • Enter your confirmation code and last name to see your booking details.
  • Now, you will see the option of “edit details.”
  • Enter your correct name or the correct spelling of your name.
  • Pay the name change fee charge if it's applied.
  • Click on the continue button to complete your name change process.

NOTE - If somehow you couldn’t make changes or amendments to your name through the official website of TUI Airlines, then you can also correct your name by direct visit to the airport. In this case, you have to go to the airport kiosk, tell them about issues, and provide your relevant information to them. Pay the fee if charged, and your name will change on your booking.

If you don’t understand how to change your name with TUI Airlines, you can call their customer service agent to get guidance for making or correcting changes to your name. Follow the steps to make a phone call to the customer service team of TUI Airlines:

  • Dial +4420 38 303 111 on your dial pad.
  • Hear some IVR Menu instructions.
  • Press 1 to make a reservation.
  • Press 2 for cancellation or flight change.
  • Press 3 for another travel-related issue.
  • Press the # key to speak with the live agent at TUI Airlines.

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