Can I Change the Name on a KLM Flight?

KLM is the major Airline and flag carrier of the Netherlands, which operates flights all over places; while making your flight reservation with the Airline, if you have typed down your name incorrectly or you want to change your status from the Airline ticket, then surely you can proceed with the process, as it provides KLM name change service with the help of which we can change the name on the flight ticket or edit it as per your requirement.

There are certain modes with the help of which you can get your name changed, as there are online and offline methods to proceed with. To know the working of this process, lead with the points mentioned below, but before that, make sure you know the information regarding the KLM name change policy, as there are certain terms and conditions applicable when you head with this process.

KLM name change policy

Go through the steps below to get an update on the policy for the KLM name change. Service, to know them, follow up on the points below, and understand the conditions.

  • You can not change your full name, as Airline does not allow that.
  • The Airline has permitted you to change only three characters in your name, not more than that.
  • Make the changes in your name within 24 hours of your flight booking to avoid paying the cancellation fee.
  • If you change your name after the given window, you have to pay the name-changing fee to the representative of the Airline.
  • There is no name-changing fee for adding a middle name to your flight ticket.
  • And you can also change the initial of your name as they are also not been charged for.
  • If you want to modify the name because of your marriage status, give your legal documents to the representative. And he will help you with the name change.

The method to change the name on the KLM flight ticket.

KLM provides you with different modes, with the help of which you can step ahead and complete the name-changing process and name the changes as per your requirement. To know the process and their method, read the below-given information.

The process to change the name through the website.

You can visit the KLM Airline official website and proceed with the KLM change name on ticket process, where you can mention the changes you are willing to make on your flight ticket name, as this is the easiest. Yet, the most convenient mode to step ahead is to know the method of this process; you can look at the steps cited below and understand the procedure.

  • Go to the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Go to the manage booking page, and continue.
  • Mention your surname and the reservation code/ e-ticket number.
  • Locate the name change option on the bar and tap on it.
  • Make the changes in your name as per your choice.
  • Attach the legal documents along if asked for any.
  • Pay the amount for the name-changing fee if shown on the screen.
  • Then, the live agent of the Airline will make those changes to your name.
  • And then download your new upgraded flight ticket.

Change your name through a phone call.

You can also dial the KLM customer support number and ask the representative of the Airline to make the changes in your name as per your need. If you cannot make it yourself through the website of the Airline, to step ahead with this mode, understand the process by the method points located below.

  • Dial the KLM customer support helpline number.
  • Choose the language as per your choice.
  • Select the given IVR, select the name change option
  • After a period, your call will reach the Airline representative.
  • Provide him with the modifications you want to make in your name.
  • Then, later, he will make the changes as asked.
  • Pay the name change fee if asked.
  • Then, later, you will get a confirmation code on your device.

The process to change the name at the Airport.

You can also speak directly to the live human of the Airline and ask him to make certain changes in your name as per your requirements, and the agent will help you with the process and make the changes as asked.

What is the KLM name change fee?

After making your flight reservation with KLM Airline, if you like to change your name on the Airline ticket, then wonder how much does KLM name change cost. The Airline does not charge a name change fee from their passenger, but you have to proceed with this process at least 72 hours before your flight departure time.

As per KLM Airline's name change policy, the Airline does not charge a name change fee from their passengers. And it provided them with a fee service.

How much does the Airline charge to change the name due to marriage?

After making your reservation, if your marital status has been changed, or you forgot to add up during the booking process, then you can change your name free of cost as, according to  KLM name change due to marriage policy. Messengers can make the changes free of cost without paying a fee.

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