Does Ryanair allow name changes?

Ryanair Airlines provides Flexibility to change their name, date, time, and destination and cancel the existing reservation within 24 hours of Booking. Passengers are allowed to make update changes like name correction in existing Booking up to 3 characters before 48 hours of the Scheduled Departure Flight. You can update the changes like the Ryanair name change online by visiting their official website or calling their representative customer number offline.

Ryanair Change in Reservation Policy:

The Airline follows a few terms and conditions for change in Reservation policy, which offers guidance to their passengers regarding updating new changes without fee or pay extra charges.

Suppose you already have a reservation with Ryanair Airlines and want to make changes. In that case, you must read the points mentioned in the Ryanair name change policy so that you do not pay any extra charges or face any trouble. Below are a few rules and regulations that must be read carefully.

  • Travelers can update new changes within 24 hours of Booking or, at maximum, before 48 hours of the Scheduled Departure Flight.
  • You can change up to 3 characters for name correction without any extra fee.
  • If passengers want to change the complete name, they must pay fees to make new changes.
  • Customers are eligible to correct any error like in date or time without any extra cost; if you had purchased a ticket at a low fare, but now it is showing a hike in prices, then you should pay the difference to confirm the Booking.
  • Ryanair grants permission to their travelers to change destination before 24 hours of the Scheduled Departure, but you must pay any difference charges due to change in route or destination.
  • If the Airline shows a low fare or fee, then the Airline does not provide a refund for any difference.
  • Passengers only make changes if they use vouchers or Spanish Family discount coupons.
  • Changes updated online will charge less as compared to updates changes on the ticket desk.

How do I make new changes to existing Reservations?

Travelers who want to make changes in Booking can choose from the available two ways online or offline. You can visit their official website and proceed for update changes or visit the airport ticket counter. Customers can choose according to their preferences or comfort. You should follow a few steps to update changes online, described here.

  • Please visit the official website of Ryanair
  • Scroll the page, click Manage Booking, and then manage my trip, which is available at the top of the homepage.
  • Enter the essential information like PNR number, Ticket number, or last name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The screen will display your booking details, and click on the options change in reservation.
  • Update the required changes like name spelling correction, change in destination, or others.
  • Once you have updated the changes, you will be brought back to the active bookings page.
  • Your Screen will show that you have updated changes in your trip, and click on confirm to complete the process.
  • Click on Check out to proceed with the payment method and select pay now, and you will receive the updated itinerary on your valid email or contact number.

Ryanair Fee charges for made new changes in Existing Booking:

Passengers who want a name change in Ryanair flight booking must pay the Ryanair name change fee according to their name change policy. Here is the list of fee charges applicable on specific flight booking changes after the grace period. You must go through the available points before applying for a particular modification.

  • If a passenger wants to change the destination or particular flight, the applicable fee must be Euro 45 for one one-way flight per person for the online process. Customers must pay Euro 60 to make changes by visiting the ticket counter desk.
  • If you had made changes during Booking, no extra charges would be applicable.
  • Passengers who want to change their name must pay Euro 115 for online changes and Euro 160 offline.
  • Travelers can add extra legroom space at Euro 13 to 30 per person per flight.

Is it free to change the name on Ryanair?

Yes, it is free to change a name, date, or time on Ryanair Airlines; if you have made changes within 24 hours of Booking, no additional charges will apply. Passengers who want to make changes before 48 hours of Scheduled Flight Departure must pay according to their choice of modifications. You can check their Ryanair Refund policy or contain the information mentioned above regarding the applicable fee for inevitable change.

Ryanair Name Change after Marriage:

The Traveler is recently married and plans to book a reservation with Ryanair Airlines. They should be advised to enter their name as mentioned on the passport or any other ID proof Document. If you book the ticket using a married name by mistake, either you can change it or show the marriage certificate to Airline they will allow you to travel without any trouble. We suggest you book any flights according to the passport name only.

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