Can I change the passenger name on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, Singapore airline passengers are allowed to make changes to their name on their flight tickets. However, the name change is only allowed for the situation mentioned below. The name correction or change process is simple and can be completed by calling the airline or airport. To err is human!!! Sometimes, due to ignorance or some legal reasons, the passengers need to correct the name of the flight ticket and wonder whether they can do so. Suppose you are a Singapore airline passenger facing a similar problem; you do not have to worry as Singapore Airlines name change policy has been developed to simplify the name correction process. Remember, the airline does not allow name changes as their tickets are non-transferable. The passengers are only allowed to make specific corrections to their names. The information we have included in the article will help you gain knowledge of Singapore Airlines' name change policy, associated fees, and the process.

What are the types of name corrections/changes on Singapore Airlines?

The terms name change and name correction has two different meanings. The airline does not allow partial or full name changes if it has been entered mistakenly. If you want to change your full or partial name, you must cancel your old ticket and purchase a new one. If a legal document supports your name change request, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree, in that case, the airline will accept the application. Name correction over here means correcting certain typo errors in the name.

  1. Name Correction: Name correction allows passengers to fix misspellings in their names. You can also fix your married/maiden/ divorce names; however, you must show legal documents. Name correction comes with a fee of 200 USD. The airline allows name correction up to 3 letters or less, change of suffix or prefix, etc.
  2. Name Change: As per Singapore airline's name change policy, the term name change means transferring the ticket ownership to a new person or a relative with the same surname. This request of the passenger is not accepted by the airline. For this, the passenger will be asked to make a new reservation for their flight.
  3. Married name change request: To change your married name to the maiden name, the airline charges 250 USD. But for this, the passenger needs to provide a legal supporting document.
  4. Misspelled name: The name and title on the passenger's flight ticket and the name on the passport or the government- approved id should be the same. The complete name change is impossible; only the typo error can be corrected.
  5. Last name change:  The surname on the flight ticket and the government-approved id should be exact. There should be no minor difference between the both. If your government ID has no surname, then your first and last name on the flight ticket should be the same.
  6. Name change due to legal reasons: Sometimes, the name change request is made by the passengers due to marriage, divorce, and other reasons. To get their name changed for the above reasons, a name change fee of USD 250 must be paid in addition to the legal documents supporting the name change reason.
  7. Middle name change: Have you forgotten to add your middle name? If yes, pay 300 USD to the airline and get your middle name included in your flight ticket. 

How to change my name on a Singapore airline ticket via phone call?

You can prefer the phone call method to make changes or corrections to your name. The airline's live person can be reached by dialing +1 (833) 727-0118. The phone call method's simplicity and instant solution have made it a preferable choice for passengers. Ask the executive on call to make certain changes or corrections to your name. He will inform you whether your request can be accepted or not. If yes, he will tell you the name change fee. The executive will send you a name change form link that you should fill out to complete your name change process. Attach any government-approved id and submit the form and pay the fee.

How to use the name change request form of Singapore Airlines?

To use the Singapore Airlines name change request form, visit the airline's help section and click on the name change form. A name change form requests a name change from the airline. Give relevant information in the form and attach the government-approved id card that the airline will use to make corrections or changes to your name. 

How much does Singapore Airlines charge to change its name?

Are you going to contact Singapore Airlines for a name change and are therefore eager to learn about Singapore Airlines name change fee? If yes, read the information in the points given below.

  • An online name change is not allowed.
  • If the passenger contacts the airline customer team for the name change, they will have to pay a fee of 250 USD, plus any fare difference will be paid.
  • A name change request at the airport will not be accepted if only 24 hours are left for the flights to depart. Make a name change request before the stated time and pay 250 USD and the fare difference.

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