Can I Change Name on Thai Airways Ticket?

One common challenge among tourists is changing their flight details after booking, especially correcting the passenger's name. Like many other airlines, Thai Airways is familiar with the fact that mistakes can sometimes appear in the booking method. As a result, they do have provisions for Thai Airways name change. However, the unique rules and guidelines can range depending on the form of the ticket price and the event of the change.

How much is the name correction fee for Thai Airways?

If you discover a blunder in the spelling of your ticket on a Thai Airways price ticket, the value of correcting it will depend upon numerous elements. Typically, Thai Airways will fee a name correction rate to procedure the alternate. The Thai Airways name change fee can differ based totally on the subsequent:

  • Type of Ticket: The fare magnificence and price ticket can affect the name correction price. Some fare instructions may be flexible in making changes, while others can be issued to higher prices or won't permit name adjustments.
  • Time of Correction: The timing of the correction request also plays a function. If you spot the mistake quickly after reserving, you may have a better danger of getting it corrected without incurring a hefty rate. However, closing-minute adjustments could be greater luxurious or restricted.
  • Route and Destination: Different ways and destinations may have varying policies regarding name corrections. It's crucial to check the unique terms and conditions related to your flight.

Thai Airways Name Correction Policy

Thai Airways' name correction policy aims to stabilize between accommodating accurate mistakes and preventing misuse. Here are some trendy points to remember:

  • Minor Name Corrections: For minor spelling errors or typos, Thai Airways may permit corrections without enforcing a price, especially if you notify them rapidly after booking. This is generally for instances where the name is off using a letter or.
  • Major Name Corrections: Thai Airways may deal with it as a spare tremendous change if the error is extra good sized, consisting of a very misspelled call or a name change due to legal reasons. In such instances, a name correction price will likely follow.
  • Time Restrictions: Name corrections are generally easier to make correctly earlier than the departure date. As the departure time strategies, adjusting will become more challenging and high priced.
  • Award Tickets and Promotional Fares: Name changes for award tickets or promotional fares may also have stricter or non-transferable policies.
  • International and Domestic Flights: The name correction policy for international and domestic flights may additionally range. Generally, for domestic flights, the procedure can be more lenient and less pricey than for international flights. However, confirming this with Thai Airways is essential as policies can exchange and range depending on the specific path.
  • Partner Airlines: If your Thai Airways reservation involves codeshare flights or is part of an itinerary with companion airlines, the call correction policy might be a challenge to the guidelines of the respective providers. In such cases, you should contact Thai Airways and the partner airline to coordinate the call change.

Thai Airways Name Change

For travelers who need to know the procedure for Thai Airways name change on a Thai Airways ticket, the procedure typically includes the subsequent steps:

  • Contact Thai Airways: Reach out to Thai Airways as quickly as you observe the name discrepancy. You can contact them through the customer service phone number or visit their reliable website to initiate the request.
  • Provide Booking Details: Be equipped to provide your reserving reference number, price ticket range, and other applicable facts to help the airline find your reservation.
  • Explain the Error: Clearly explain the mistake for your call and the appropriate model that must be meditated on the price ticket.
  • Check the Policy: Verify the name correction policy applicable to your reservation. This will assist you in recognizing if a charge is concerned and the time constraints for making the change.
  • Pay the Fee (if applicable): If a charge is required, be prepared to pay in the name correction system at some stage.

Thai Airways Change Name on Ticket

Once you've gone through the Thai Airways change name on ticket technique with Thai Airways and any applicable expenses have been settled, the airline will replace your price ticket with the precise name. They will provide you with a new itinerary or confirmation of the adjustments. It is essential to check the updated info to ensure the whole thing is accurate. Additionally, pay attention to any new regulations or conditions that could follow after the name correction.


While Thai Airways does permit name corrections on tickets, the precise information, charges, and boundaries can vary based on various factors. To avoid unnecessary costs and complications, it is first-class to double-check all the facts entered at some point in the booking method and directly notify the airline of any mistakes. Continually evaluate the Thai Airways name correction policy before making any changes to recognize the potential fees and necessities worried.

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