Can I change my name on Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines has been very conventional about the distinct modes of communication channels it has been offering its passengers for a long time in various arrays on which it works. The airline's quintessential customer service and amenities are quite the best among its contemporaries.

Indeed, passengers can easily book with the airline through the different modes offered. After making the booking and finalizing it for the travel, the passengers often make errors in the name of the passenger they entered. In such instances, they can correct the policy that governs the airline. Read through to find the details on the policy and process associated with name correction with Asiana Airlines.

Excerpts on the Asiana Airlines name correction policy:

The passenger who wishes to correct their name with the airline must follow the Asiana Airlines name correction policy formulated by the airline. The various attributes associated with the policy with the airline are given here as follows:

  • The passenger cannot change the entire name through which the booking was made. Per the policy, the passenger can thus make minor corrections in the entire name on the booking data.
  • Asiana Airlines does not allow passengers to transfer their tickets to fellow passengers needing airplane tickets. Any changes about the same would not be permitted by the airline.
  • The passengers are allowed to change their names under the condition of marriage or divorce, which they have undergone recently. Valid authorized legal documents should be submitted for verification and subsequent changes in the name that the passenger wishes to make.
  • The maximum time by which name correction with the airline can be done is 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure, after which no change would be entertained.

Important note: The passengers would indeed be charged a nominal name change fee as per the type of ticket purchase they have made. To correct this, they need to make the payment to finalize the booking process that has been reattempted.

Details on the Asiana Airlines name change process:

Asiana Airlines allows passenger to make changes to their name through two processes, which is online and offline mode. The attributes for the same are given below for a better understanding of the passenger:

Name correction with Asiana Airlines via online mode:

The passengers traveling with the airline can make the Asiana Airlines name change online quite easily through the simple steps that have been provided here:

  • Thumb over the Asiana Airlines official webpage.
  • Scan the landing page to find the Book icon at the top end and choose it.
  • Under the drop-down options, select the Booking Details link under the Find My Trip tab.
  • The passenger can either log in directly with the credentials or find the trip, which leads to the retrieval of the booking made.
  • Once the booking page opens, the passenger can scroll through to find the passenger name that needs correction.
  • Make the necessary changes to the policy and submit the valid ID proof for verification.
  • Review the final details entered, make the name change fee, and submit.
  • The airline team with the airline would share the confirmation mail with the new passenger detail list shortly.

Correction in the passenger name through offline mode:

There are two major methods by which the passenger can do the corrections in their name offline. They are:

  • At the airport ticket counter:

The passenger can get help from the staff at the airport to make corrections in the name they typed in while making the booking. The team would provide the passenger with the Asiana Airlines name change form, which they can complete and submit with the relevant ID proof. The staff will verify the name's resemblance with the ID and then make the required necessary changes after payment of the change fee.

  • By calling a representative with the airline:

The name correction with the airline can be done by placing a call with the representative at +1-800-227-4262, where the passenger would be asked to provide a brief of the type of issue that needs rectification about the name in the booking. Once it is clear, the representative will proceed with the formalities involved in making the change in the name as per the requisite.

Specifications on the Asiana Airlines name change fee

The passenger who corrects the name is subject to the Asiana Airlines name change fee, which is charged based on the gravity of the error in the name through which the booking was made. Minor changes can be done free of cost, and the additional edits made would be under a chargeable fee decided by the team.

Wrapping Up: The passengers who would like to initiate the name correction process with Asiana Airlines will now have a fair idea of the entire process, along with the step-by-step specifications. For further doubts that can arise, they can connect with the representative from the airline as per the situational demands.

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