How do i change my name on Delta ticket?

While making the reservation on Delta Airlines, if you have entered your name incorrectly and by the name change policy, if you are eligible to change the name, then you can change your name by calling customer service or online. And the step for the Delta name change on the ticket is displayed below.

  • Get to the authenticated site of Delta Airlines by the preferred internet browser.
  • Then click on my trip option from the web page.
  • After this, choose from the ticket, confirmation, or debit card numbers for the booking details.
  • For the ticket number option, you must type the ticket number and the first name with the passenger's last name.
  • For the debit or credit card number, you have to type the first name with your last name and the debit or credit card number.
  • And if you have chosen the confirmation number, then you have to type the confirmation number with the first and last name of the passenger.
  • When you get your booking details, click on the name change option.
  • Now, make changes to your name and hit the submit icon.
  • Further, you will get to the payment sheet, and if a name change fee is applied, tap on the confirm icon and pay the due.
  • You will receive the confirmation message in your webmail and phone number.

How much is the Delta name change fee?

If you have mistakenly entered your name while making the booking, then within the 24 or according to the condition stated in the policy, you can make changes in your name for free. Apart from this, the Delta name change fee is applied to your fare if you make changes in your name. And the amount you have to pay to the airline will depend on the type of fare you carry and the time you change your name. But the idea of the amount figure that is charged for the name change is around $30 to $200. Sometimes the name change cost is more than the ticket you have purchased. So for confirmation, speak to customer service before going for the name change.

Can you transfer the name on the Delta ticket?

No, you cannot transfer the name mentioned on the Delta Airlines ticket. But according to Delta's name change policy, you can change your name. So if you wish to know about its policy, then get to the beneath points

  • There is no charge for the name change if you change it within 24 hours of your booking and the booking has been completed seven days before the flight departure.
  • You can change names by calling customer service or by the online process.
  • When you choose the online option for the name change by the online process, you get to choose the name up to three characters free of cost.
  • While entering the name, if you have mixed up the first name with the last name, you can make changes free of cost.
  • If you have to add a character of more than three-character, it could be done by calling customer service.
  • You can also extend the short form of your name from the online process for free.
  • There is no charge for adding or omitting the middle name in Delta Airlines, which can be done through the online process.

Can you change your name on the airline ticket if you get married?

Yes, you can change Delta name change due to marriage. And to make a legal name change, you do not have to pay the cost. But to make such a change due to marriage, you must show the marriage certificate of the identification proof, which shows you changed your name. And when you do not carry the document showing the changed name, you might find it difficult to get to the flight. And if you have this type of situation, you have to get to the customer service and get the resolution for this.

Thus, when you get there, you might not find any type of question, issue, or doubt regarding the name change on delta airlines because all the possible questions with answers have been illustrated here. After this, if you still have doubts or queries, get a hold of Delta Airlines customer service teams.

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