Are Ryanair extra legroom seats worth it?

If you have to travel a long way and the seat is not comfortable, in that case, you will be exhausted by the end of the trip. At times this thought stuck in our head after we had already made the reservation for your flight ticket. But you don't have to worry if you have made the booking with Ryanair. Ryanair is the Irish ultra-low-cost airline, providing its customers with domestic as well as international flights. With Ryanair, the passengers can make the seat selection at the time of reservation or after booking by proceeding for upgradation. But people always think before making the seat selection or upgradation that it is even worth it to upgrade to Ryanair extra legroom seats. If we go with the customer's review, in that case, the answer to this question will be yes. According to the passengers, Ryanair's extra legroom space is worth the upgrade. The seat is exceptionally comfortable and has extra space in comparison to other airlines.

Do Ryanair extra legroom seats include priority boarding?

Ryanair used to offer the facility of priority boarding, but unfortunately, the 'standalone' priority boarding is not included with extra-legroom seats anymore. The passengers who have made their reservation in the front row and exit-aisle seats have to proceed with the regular boarding procedure like other customers. As the facility of priority boarding is not included in their purchase. However, to get the Ryanair extra seat for comfort, people need to know about the best seats available before making the seat selection and reservation.

  • The passengers have their preferences, and you are paying extra for having the seat of your choice instead of the one assigned. It is essential to choose the good one.
  • If you wish to make a correct choice of your seat, then it is recommended for you to avoid the 11 and 12 rows.
  • However, if you are making the seat selection at the time of check-in and the availability is in 11 and 12 rows, row 12 is a bit better as the window is provided on both sides of the row.
  • In case you don't make the seat selection, even at the time of check-in, in that case, the airlines allot the seat to you free of charge.

What is the legroom on Ryanair?

When you book extra legroom space seats, you will get extra steps in front of your seat to spread out in a comfortable position and have some sleep during the flight and the desired comfort. Let's understand the Ryanair extra legroom seats rules for better understanding. 

  • As per the policies of the airlines, if you wish to book an extra seat for comfort, in that case, you are advised not to book the reserved emergency seat in the 1, 16, and 17 rows.
  • Passengers who have booked the extra seat with Ryan air can use the process of online check-in. The exact travel document details are required for both the seats at check-in time.
  • The passengers can make the seat reservation at the time of booking or at the time of check-in, which is 24 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the airlines.

How much is extra legroom on Ryanair?

The cost of making the reservation of extra seats for legroom or booking the premier class seat is the cost of the airline difference. The passengers can select their seats at the time of booking till two hours before the flight's scheduled departure.

Three types of reserved seats are available, with a cost difference for each.

  • Extra legroom seat cost starts from €/£14.00 - Rows 1, 2 (D, E, F) & 16-17 per flight. 
  • Front seats cost starts from €/£7.00 - Rows 2 (A, B, C)-5 per flight.
  • Standard seat cost starts from €/£3.00 - Rows 6-15 and 18-33 per flight.

The airline's reservation seats are non-refundable if there is nothing otherwise mentioned in the policies.


Do you wish to know about the airline seat selection rules and regulations, or does Ryanair have extra legroom seats? Read the above-given information to know all the information and policies related to the extra legroom seats with Ryanair. Get onto the help and contact selection on the official website of airlines. To resolve any query or get further information mentioned above with Ryanair regarding seat reservation.

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